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We're delighted to hear that! Thanks so much for playing and leaving a comment! :D

Hi sorry I never got an alert for this comment! If you're still having trouble, can you tell me what kind of error you're getting and what your OS is? Thanks!

Hi again! I'm glad you were able to play on Linux while we looked into this :D 

My programmer asked me to send this to you: 

Hello! This is the lead developer.
This is a known issue with some anti-virus programs. Because of the way the Cherry Bomb edition is compiled, it is triggering some false positives. We are working with the AV developers to add our game to their safe lists, but it seems the issue is happening with a lot of games compiled in Ren'Py. We hope to see this resolved soon.
In the meantime, you can mark this program as safe in Avira, and add it to the exception list by following these steps.
Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We will post an update when we have word this is resolved.
Enjoy your game!
Lead Developer
Paper Star Studios

Thanks so much for buying our game!!

Hi there! I'll pass this to our programmer. Can you give me what OS version you're using as well as the version number for Avira? Thanks!

Hi again! We've uploaded an updated build that should work for you! Let us know if it doesn't, thanks!

We're delighted to hear that you enjoyed our game! At the time of Out of Sync's development, we didn't have the time nor the budget to make it happen, but it's definitely something in the cards for our future games!

I'll pass this on to the programmer! Can you go to the Apple icon and then "about this mac" and give me the whole version number? I'll get back to you ASAP, thanks!

Hi there!

Can you give me more detail? Is it not running at all or is there a security message blocking it from running?

If you have screencaps, that helps too!


Thanks for your feedback and for playing! :) We'll keep that in mind when developing future games!