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There's a lot to love here. It's a wonderfully simple but still kind of flexible application! I like how it lets you focus on the essential and does not distract you with dozens of features that you don't need anyway. Also I like how fast and responsive everything is! Great job!

Do see some aspects of the UI / usability that would benefit from improvements. Some of this has already been mentioned by other people, and I'm sure that you're already thinking about doing of what I'm suggesting below. But for completeness' sake, let me list all my thoughts.

First of all, some of the interaction patterns used here, are slighly  different from what people are used to (at least those who work in MacOS or Windows), this can be confusing. At  least, it did confuse me a lot. I think the main issues I had are these:

  • Clicking and dragging anywhere on the window, including the items themselves, (except in  some cases, when you edit text) will drag the whole window around. I do  find myself dragging that window around a lot while instictively wanting  to drag an item or a collection, or just trying to select text.
  • You can't just drag&drop items or collections, which is what I would really expect.
  • Right click usually brings up a contextual menu. In this case it performs a primary operation (setting an item to DONE)

What I would do:

  • Restrict window dragging to the title bar, if needed make the title bar a bit bigger. I wouldn't mind of the dotted region below the TAPE logo would also let me drag the window.
  • Turn the move-up button on the collection's header into a grab handle, letting me drag the collection around freely.
  • Add the same handle to items.
  • There's plenty of space for buttons on the items. consider adding a button to select the item's state. Could be as simple as a dropdown letting me choose between the various options without having to cycle through them. Right click to set the item to DONE, does work fine for me, but I can see some people being confused by it. A checkmark button somewhere would be more discoverable and be more in line with commonly used interaction patterns.

Further ideas:

  • -Being able to add a freeform text (note) to each collection could be handy to add meta info for projects. this could live at the end of the block, where the item count is being displayed.
  • Quickly hiding DONE items to focus on what's left to do would be handy

Exciting!!! :)

Hello! Any news on Episode 3? Really looking forward to that!