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Played the concept demo. This has good potential but where are the mechanics in the overworld though?  What are the obstacles? What is the difference between using these two partners? Everything else was great. Love the battle mechanics although one animation looks like it's missing. The trident throw did not have any animation, but then I realized that the trident wasn't thrown but it's just a little shovel movement. It's a little easy but the dodging is the perfect difficulty. I'd say maybe make the bar move a little faster or make the area for the bar to be smaller. Also, make the timing for the letting go buttons faster. Also maybe make the cursor for the trident throw a little harder to control.  Great concept and loved the idea. I would also include a start menu or some kind of menu where you can see the controls again. I got really confused on how to switch partners. I also found this one aspect to be annoying and I wish I could see more of the world instead of having two bubbles with the character's heads on them in front of me the whole time. Also instead of just having a dialog in a box, you may want to have a button appear or an icon at the end(maybe a starfish or a trident).   Love the music.  Also interested in the story what exactly is it about though? I'm sure I'll find out more about the characters and how they met in later adventures though right?

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I'm really confused. Every time I die it goes straight back to the main menu and when I try to continue my game the continue button doesn't work. I'm interested in the concept of your game and am currently making a very similar game but it will be two-player unlockable Anyways I'm also confused by the fact that when I hit Exit Game there's not a message that pops up saying You are about to leave the game any unsaved progress will be lost. I hit the exit button and lost all my progress as well. Is the game not supposed to do this or why is this happening? Other than that it's really annoying that you can possibly die just from falling. Bug Fables, another similar game to yours and the first one since Paper Mario TTYD doesn't have these problems. If you wanted to do something like this I would suggest doing a hard mode and an easy mode option. Also with the blocks, if you want it to be hard where you get a perfect block each time to earn will points keep the game the same and make this the hard mode.  I like the characters and think they are funny in a cheesy way. From what I was able to see it was a good start so keep making progress. The end is not as far as it is for me, unfortunately.  That is my two sense.