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Paper Guy

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holy shit! i'm so happy to see this project alive. the first game was such a surreal and beautiful experience. i'm thrilled that the sequel is still coming!

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my only gripe was the controls: if you want to make a horror game (in which chasing specifically is a mechanic), you have to make the controls more forgiving to the player. this game's controls appears to only have had puzzles in mind.

other than that, it was honestly a fantastic experience. as i wandered through the awesome and diverse levels, puzzle panels peppered about, i was obviously reminded of exploring the witness for the first time again.

i loved it. absolutely fantastic job!

saw the game at the AMAZE conference. kind of weird to see it at a convention but no longer available for consumption. is the appearance at the con a soft announcement for a second release?

how long is it? if it's over 10 dollars, i would expect it to be at the very least a few hours lol

oh man, this was great! i didn't finish it because i wanted to experience the finished game for myself. i hope you expand upon it, this is a stellar megalophobic experience!

welp, played it the whole way through, saw the "unspeakable horror"... is there no ending sequence? or is that it lol

hey man, i'm still getting a ton of memory access violation errors every time a new level loads, followed by an immediate crash. help?

yo any update on this? would love to play

i loved it, but what was the solution to picking up the correct phones in the correct order? i couldn't find any logic behind it.

a truly horrifying experience. as someone, not who can lucid dream, but still has extremely vivid dreams, this game invoked terror that really hits home for me. especially the sequence where you wake up over and over again. that can be very frightening, especially when you actually wake up and don't know if it's still a dream. some parts were dark and hard to make out, but i know you intended for that, as dreams are usually dim experiences.

you did a fantastic job on the sound design too. very similar to dreaming, all sounds felt very "buffed." the tense moments were insane, especially with the buildup of sound to simulate being "caught," a feeling that absolutely mortified me.

the combined visual effects and sound design used for the shattered glass part made it feel so very starry and, again, very much like a dream.

amazing job. i loved every dreadful moment. i very much look forward to what other work you may put out in the future.

two questions: where was the dollar sign in video 3? why does it matter whether i go clockwise instead of counterclockwise?

yo wtf is red? can you spot me a download link?

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dear... christ.

this experience had probed the innermost cavities of my own head to invoke what i can only fathom to be the only true nightmare i've ever had while awake.

outstanding work.

i just mean that the game sets the mood with its soft gray colored text. the game over screen's text is a bright white, not ideal for gameplay since it's harsh on the eyes for long periods of time, but it's a game over screen so you won't see it that long anyway, however the glitch i experienced made the white text the permanent color of the main game.

fun game. unfortunately stumbled upon a game-breaking bug where when it asked if i wanted to restore the game after i died to the poisoned water, typing "y" yielded no response from the console. i tried sending "y" again to the response "not understood." as it turns out, i can still play the game (i think?) but it's forever stuck in that blinding white colored text, which unfortunately ruins the atmosphere for me. hope you can get it fixed.

huh... such a hopeless tale. this is the only visual novel that ever retained my interest. thanks for the experience.

of course

OS: Windows 10 Pro x64
CPU: Intel Core i7-6820HK @ 2.70GHz
RAM: 16 GB
Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980M

hope you can get this resolved, it looks very interesting.

i'm getting some TERRIBLE frame drops! if i run it normally, it starts with a framerate around 30 and gradually lowers. degrading the resolution to 1366x768 allowed the framerate to stay at an even 60 but quickly dropped when the title made its appearance. exclusive fullscreen mode & 1366x768 made it run smoothly enough for me to enter the game and get a feel. about two minutes later, a quick steep drop from 60 to 5 in a matter of seconds. help me out?

what are the logical properties of opening doors? is it simply collecting cubes and trial & error? same question for control panels (the one in the reactor room wasn't working for me, then all of a sudden, it did; i had the same amount of cubes between that time)

actually a really cool idea. i was having a fun time exploring the subway's ever-changing halls. a couple of issues though:

the game lags exponentially as each train pulls into a map, given the player is looking in the direction of where it spawned.

taking the train from 3rd W causes the train to stop in an empty map. it opens its doors, closes, and takes off. it never loads the next map. you're stuck on it forever lol.

PLEASE keep working on this. it's a genuinely fun and perplexing idea! i would love to play this game in a more playable state. :]

I figured it out, thanks. Very short but nice experience. I liked the third puzzle. Reminded me of the glyph puzzles from Escape to Obion.

After playing the maze level for half an hour, I'm convinced that there is no third lever.

download link broken. alternative?

download link dead, alternative?

Hideaway Hotel community · Created a new topic help?

level 3 "the note":

after getting through the first door, i have absolutely no clue what to do next. i'm at another door under the EXIT sign with a single red button next to it. thought it was morse at one point but i think i'm reading too much into it.

what's the difference between the regular download and v2?

very brutalist. i like it.

the scale for the weight puzzle will eventually clip through its holder while using it to find the solution.

congratulations, dude! your game is really great, absolutely mind-bending. look forward to your future endeavours :D

absolutely fantastic! only a couple critiques:

chapter 6 has major fps drops.

the ending felt irresolute/unsatisfying/vague for a game with tons of narrative lying around.

for a free game, it was overwelmingly thrilling. thanks for the experience!

actually spooked me a bit. nice work!

a really nice horror game. only two things i would recommend: make the options available to alter while in-game (having to optimize by restarting the game every time is a pain), and making the intro skippable. other than that, remarkably polished than most of the games you see on itch. well done!

nice to hear i didn't miss anything. it got a couple jumps out of me. one thing i wanted to make sure you knew: the atmosphere really tied this together. i'm not sure if it was your intention, but the way the room was designed compensated (and even complimented!) the silence. made it feel like i was supposed to be waking up in a lively apartment complex in the middle of a city, even at night, yet the silence suggested something more sinister was happening.

and you sly bastard. this is a very covert way to announce the sequel! i very much look forward to it.

outstanding for a short experience. are there any other secret endings or is it just the one

ah, i see. well it was interesting regardless and i look forward to what else you might devise from that corrupted mind of yours.

for how scarce gas, food, and beverages are, and considering the distance, there is little to no possibility of getting all four gems with the speed the vehicle is going. seven playthroughs and all of them came close to just after the first gem before dying.

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may i suggest darkening the compass when the flashlight is off? it's very distracting in the dark.

looks nice, but optimized poorly. gpu temperatures spiked within just two minutes of launching the game and fan was running at full speed.

huge fan of escape games, this one is basic but kept me busy. i got stuck in the surgery room though... unlocked the safe in there and gathered all the paper pieces. the coded door in the room, i've spent ten minutes on. also haven't gotten the safe in the hallway open, in case i have to open that one first.. hint?