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Paper Guy

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holy shit. i did not expect to play such a well polished and astonishingly intriguing puzzle game tonight. i would have paid a few dollars to play this. absolutely incredible work for an independent game, as it's considerably lengthy with many levels to solve. very well done.

i will eat my hat if your game doesn't gain lots of popularity within a month.

i had to scroll way down before finding it amongst the smaller, lesser known titles that only but a handful of people have played. it's about as rare as the date Marchtember oneteenth that i find games that surprise me like this. little to no ratings, let's play worthy (but only but a few exist as of now), and overall just really excellent development (seriously, the optimization is GREAT for ue4). i very much look forward to your future projects, or an expansion for Alucinod, and wish you much luck in your future endeavours.

Names of the musical tracks used in the game? (especially the one that cues when approaching the M tower. I swear I've heard that one before)

can i ask what you used for the soundtrack? you are the same one who created VoyageE, so i wouldn't be surprised if it was Pauline Oliveros.

download is dead?

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please turn this into a screensaver


Wonderful game. Would you happen to have a copy of the soundtrack?