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Paper Guy

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actually spooked me a bit. nice work!

a really nice horror game. only two things i would recommend: make the options available to alter while in-game (having to optimize by restarting the game every time is a pain), and making the intro skippable. other than that, remarkably polished than most of the games you see on itch. well done!

nice to hear i didn't miss anything. it got a couple jumps out of me. one thing i wanted to make sure you knew: the atmosphere really tied this together. i'm not sure if it was your intention, but the way the room was designed compensated (and even complimented!) the silence. made it feel like i was supposed to be waking up in a lively apartment complex in the middle of a city, even at night, yet the silence suggested something more sinister was happening.

and you sly bastard. this is a very covert way to announce the sequel! i very much look forward to it.

outstanding for a short experience. are there any other secret endings or is it just the one

ah, i see. well it was interesting regardless and i look forward to what else you might devise from that corrupted mind of yours.

for how scarce gas, food, and beverages are, and considering the distance, there is little to no possibility of getting all four gems with the speed the vehicle is going. seven playthroughs and all of them came close to just after the first gem before dying.

Stuck in the valve room, have no idea how to handle the binary data. Decrypting got me 2, 4, 6, 10, 12, and 14. I read that it was supposed to have been divided by 2, but the keypad accepts only four digit numbers. Tried multiplying them together and dividing, tried dividing them and then multiplying. No dice. Hint?

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may i suggest darkening the compass when the flashlight is off? it's very distracting in the dark.

looks nice, but optimized poorly. gpu temperatures spiked within just two minutes of launching the game and fan was running at full speed.

huge fan of escape games, this one is basic but kept me busy. i got stuck in the surgery room though... unlocked the safe in there and gathered all the paper pieces. the coded door in the room, i've spent ten minutes on. also haven't gotten the safe in the hallway open, in case i have to open that one first.. hint?

Names of the musical tracks used in the game? (especially the one that cues when approaching the M tower. I swear I've heard that one before)

can i ask what you used for the soundtrack? you are the same one who created VoyageE, so i wouldn't be surprised if it was Pauline Oliveros.

download is dead?

please turn this into a screensaver


Wonderful game. Would you happen to have a copy of the soundtrack?