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Well done! This is a fresh concept and once you start painting yourself into a corner it gets really annoying in the best way possible. The puzzles are smart and the graphics does the trick.

I would consider making the player auto step if you hold instead of using move on release but that is just a flavour.

Thank you for making this game and I hope to see more of it in the future.

Impressive sensation of speed in this one. I also like the light graphics and the palette. Overall well done and fun to play!

I love this, it feels big and the pacing is awesome. I really like how I can take a breather on the space station. Please make this into a full game it would be so great.

Extra points for the awesome looking Box art :-)

Good job on this one. Interesting concept and rewarding little puzzles. I really liked the feeling the fist time "I got it" - Aaaah yeeea!

I really liked this one. The monks are awsome and the puzzles with the throwing of the keys are really fresh. Great work!

Straight A for this cute little platformer. I also got the feeling that this game had quite some replayablility and depth.

Great job, It's midblowing to picture this game for a gameboy back in the days.

Cool concept, a fighting game where you are standing still. I could see this turned into something with a more direct gameplay approach, for instance a mobile game. I like the art style and the atmosphere. The fighting is cool but it could be more polished. (I felt like I did not reach the opponent with my punches). Overall good work, I'm glad I played it.

Great job, I love that it is so simple yet deep at the same time. I'm gonna garther my friends and we can bet real $$$ on those cute pixel horses :-)

One of the best submissions I have come across for this jam. Super addicting I will trade my sleep for 100% success tonight.

It looks like a beautiful painting...nice work!

Remarkable effort to make this game. Looks cool also.

Aaah byrocracy and searching for forms. Brilliant humor an nice graphics,

Bit hard to wrap my head around but you have created something really cool here.

Best one I've played so far in the jam. It really feels like a full game. Nice graphics.

Looks nice and I enjoyed the walk. Extra points for the thunder. I would love to see it turn into something bigger :-)

Way to go Jupi!

Thank you I put alot of work into introducing the new stuff in a steady pace.

Thank you for your kind words and the feedback regarding the music, I'll fix that in an update.

Thank you for the feedback regarding the difficulty. I mainly did the game with my six year old in mind but at the end of the jam I found out that really tricky puzzles could be created with my mechanics so perhaps I'll trow in a bunch of harder levels in an update if people like the game.

REVIEW of GB Trasher

You have to pickup all the flags in this nifty skateboard game. You skate back and fourth through a cool looking neighborhood. The music is great and the art is very gameboy like. The controls are good but a little swift for my taste, I got stuck going up the curb alot. Extra points for the curbside grinding possibilities.

I had some problems getting it started in the browser because it wouldn take my enter button but after downloading there was no issue with that.

I really enjoyed it and would be happy to see more of it.

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