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thanx man, great job getting the princess. 

Solid gameplay! It feels and looks good. Well done :-)

Ha ha, awesome. You nailed the experience of being a dev. 

Also a really well made game!

I really like it :-)

moving the exit is a great suggestion and it is not that hard to test. I actually had other blocks to collide with but i decided to remove them to keep things simple. 

Thank you! Great suggestion, I will try to get some more feedback on how to expand the game. So far simplicity has proven to work best. 

Cool I actually saw that when watching the stream. 👍 Again great game!

this game has got some real potential. I would love riding down the aisle smacking stud left and right. Keep up the good work!

Well done! I was especially fond of the UI, really cool!

yes, underwater games rock!

Quite addicting! My best time was 69 seconds. I really need a player 2 to help me :-).

This is a great start for a game. Turning could be a little faster. Good job!

The characters and the music is adorable <3. I had fun playing this and the dashing really made it better.

Looks and plays really solid. Great game!

This is really nice. The appearing box was my fav. I had problems with the ducks, that was hard.

Many cool things going on here! I like the animations and the ui.

Really well made and fun! It would be nice with some feedback regarding who is in the lead during the match. 

Absolutely solid game :-)

Great graphics and juice!

Well done on creating this! I had fun playing it :-)

Solid game! Reminds me of 2pl tetris on game boy.

Aaah now I get it, yes you are right. Some levels are clever and well designed unfortunately that one is not. Thank you for playing and commenting. And well done finding a simple solution.

Do you mean like level design? Make a lot of levels without multiplication? Thanks for commenting btw.

Many souls have met their faith in that last corner. Legend says there is a way to slingshot along the edge. Thank you for playing Zaratustra!

Wonderful! I felt a tear well in my cowboy eye. Amazing music as well as the writing.

Thank you for saying that and taking the time to play my game. That bug should not be so hard to squash. 

My biggest lesson from this jam was that it is really hard to test your own game without the help of others. However one idea sprung to mind. How about having a setting that prompts the user if we can log the inputs that give a bad response. This way we could bulk fix this and focus the feedback on design problems. This is not a feature request I’m just curious of your take on this. 

Thank you for this structured feedback. I have adressed everything. The cd case is meant as a clue for where to find the cd. I made it more clear that you don't actually need the empty case. 

Thank you so much for the extensive feedback. I have gone through it step by step and I have adressed most of it. The big thing was the boombox puzzle. This was overcomplicated but has now been greatly improved based on your feedback. 

Thank you!

No worries Thank you for fixing it so fast. (I will probably introduce a couple of bugs myself because I have received so much awesome feedback in by you guys). 🙃

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Hi after updating Adventuron my game does not compile. It looks like a missing character :> but the problem is that instead of coming to the linewith the bug when clicking the top left I get the section list(which I like by the way).

Am I missing something new regarding debugging?

EDIT actually if i make new bugs it does show the line number. But i somehow have a bug on another level. It just sais Attention required.

If I hoover it sais "Unecpected character :>

Thank you so much for taking the time to play my game and give feedback. 

You are absolutely right regarding the boombox. I can’t believe I missed that. I will fix that before the jam ends. 

Best regards! 

Examining the raw meatballs lets you know you wish they were burgers.  Now, how would you make raw hamburgers from raw meatballs? 

regarding the boombox you have basically solved that puzzle so just use or play either one of the items. 

I did not know about the get all drop all commands. There is a match for the drop handball that might override the adventuron default logic. I will investigate but I can’t promise that I will fix this one. 

Thank you for helping each other out with hints. I love it. 

If you x the papers and the puncher you might figure it out. 🙂

Ps. I promise not to tell the guests what the appetizers are made of 😉

You are correct, I misspelled the dogs name in the password check. Sorry! This has now been fixed. 

Thank you for making my game better. 

Thank you for spotting the CD bug. It has now been fixed.

Regarding the toothpicks. Both the toothpicks and the other object you need gives a clue about appetizers when you examine them.

This puzzle might be local but if you picture google "toothpick appetizers" you will see what I envisioned.

Best regards!


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Thank you for clarifing that. I see the problem and I will see If I can make it more clear that you need to find out what the dogs name is and enter that as the password. 


OK so I made a few changes, let me now what you think. The note is still hidden but I made the text more clear that it was a password clue and not the actual password. I also renamed the BOWL to DOGBOWL so it is more obvious that it belongs to the dog. I also placed a picture of the dog in the MASTER BEDROOM. This way there are 2 ways to find out the name of the dog. And if you come across the name of the dog before finding the yellow note it is possible that you might guess that that is the password. (Because ppl often have bad passwords.) 

(Also I'm glad you liked the TELETEXT inspired title art I made :-)

Wise words. I agree! 

Thank you! I will update the game so the note is not hidden.