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trash game

I have a question and I realise the game jam is already over but how would it be possible to uplaod a project made by multiple people. (for the future)

Thats taken out of context

hello i am back

couldnt have said it better

i want a sequel

i will consider

nvm amazing video

okay good where link

I hope thy has credited thy music or else no more mustard


this genuinely good, apart from the story. Tstststs



lucky, we still have a month basically

Wait what how

Oh wow, those are alot of interests, (guilty of that myself)

Im gonna be happy when we finally have vacation

Do you like to do anything else than game dev or is that your primary hobby/work.

LOL, im not

i hate school

Yh Ik, and wow thanks for that compliment, you dont get that often. Although I hope to become a footballer one day, I really appreciate it. 

It takes a lot of motivation to carry on, cause there will always be small things which make you want to stop working on it, but with dedication its possible and you will be rlly relieved and happy when u have finished. Thing is my teachers dont chill at all and that slows down dev time alot.

Fine ill add the other build as well


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epilepsy is good for your health

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lmao, ye ik ima remove that hahahhaha,


im sorry here a compliment  = its better than chibi robo zip lash

Im sorry plssssssssssssssss

Lol i cant even remember


patrick is losing his charm, if hes everywhere


No, I have to much school work going on, I think I should finish the game first and after that concentrate a bit harder in school. And maybe do game jams.

Me and my friend alr started it but its development is kinda paused rn, ( dont know if well ever finish it), but sure you can make one! :)

Kinda sad to hear, but wish you the best!

It has been a long time since I have worked on scratch, ( few years atleast), but i could ask my friend maybe he knows how!

oooo, i didnt get anz notification wierd. Ima play it tmr. Its a bit l8 from where i come from and im alr tired.

How was it?

I thought about the animations as well. I think im going to add a skip animation button if i figure that out and maybe do them faster anyways. And true thats also something that bothered me and if you say so as well i might add that u can get minus points. Should i also add minus points for missing Notes? You wouldnt lose a lot, I was thinking -50 for missing a note and -10 for pressing wronlgy. What do you think?

Lol, ofc i will. And dont worry it wont be bad, more probable good.