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brilliant, very satisfying and tightly designed levels :)

lots of interesting mechanics in such a tightly designed puzzle! loved it 

what a brielliantly constructed emmental conundrum............. I had a real gouda time 

thoroughly impressive and great fun to solve :D

fun mechanics + great puzzles, really impressive for a jam game in puzzlescript.  i am in awe :0

absolutely confounding, nice job :) 

this was an absolute treat, I haven't played taiji yet but i loved the rule discovery in this :P


tough but very satisfying  :)

such a neat little game :D

foxed by the x pentomino, great game :)

love all the mini epiphanies this game creates :)


A cool mechanic and a confounding puzzle :D

thank you :)

love the segmented difficulty curve, and really great use of the palette :) ribbit

brilliant game as always :)

Great game, really enjoyed the final section :)

very fun and very charming :)

hahaha thank you <3

thank you so much, i'm glad you enjoyed it :D

fun puzzle, a nice eureka moment when figuring out the meaning of the symbols :)

rot13 hint: gur fbyhgvba qbrfa'g hfr n 9 ng nal cbvag

such an elegantly explored concept :D  had a lot of fun working this one out

thank you for playing <3

Love it, crazy concept well executed :D

neat :)


thank you, will check it out B)

thanks <3

wow thank you!!! :D

love it, such a neat and satisfying little self-contained puzzle :D

very fun little puzzle, had me stumped for a bit :D

super impressive, the puzzles are very well designed :D

cheers :D

very good

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very cool mechanics and well designed levels, 403 broke my brain :D


that last level was  challenging but designed so well that it was never frustrating, nice work <3

thank you <3