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Cant run the game anymore for some reason

Rude will always be in closed, its fan made, the official one is tundra, sadly i no longer have the code for it as well


Anything new planned? I love the game but sinze its just multiplayer and there arent many players its boring to play after a while

what about profiles?

Love the art style, the game not as much but still preatty cool

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Thank you

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Very nice, love the retro style of it

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Glad you enjoyed

The art was awesome, but the gameplay not as much

Oh, well, i don't know how to explain in text really, but its mostly when you can see the lines inside of it


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The sounds i sent to Daheer are very different then the ones used, i tried.

Really cool

very cool game

really chill

very cool game

oh o

this is probably why

sometimes it lags beacouse of soo many cats

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Should give a description of the job once you hover over the name of the skill, and there is also a bug with the marketer that a very big cround of people come to your shop (like 60 beacouse every time i do it 30 or 50 people leave)

Is there a way to increse staff in this update or you will only able to unlock more staff in the new update

10 is the max


something else that there should be is a thing that tells you what kind of combination of things you need to get hearts from the customers, like the customer feedback but a bit more precise (should cost a lot more)

like, having google hidden and using an other programm or being on an other tab and the game still working, especially when there is the boba selling part

something that you should add is that it can run in the background

very cool!

love it

oh ok

what engine are you using?

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Some Web games are playable on other devices, idk why this doesnt work, whould be cool

Says WebGL not avalible 

very good, love this game!

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there is also a small bug when you select a new breanch, the music goes all weird

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there still should be more random events, idk like a burgler, things missing, people vandalizing your building or other stuff


something should tell you when if you got a new reward