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is this a pure Sokoban type of game, or some variant?

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Your game BQM seems fantastic, and I saw in the official gamepage that a lot of people already created several levels.

So I would buy it, here on, but I have a question:

I see "beta" in the name of the downloadable file, and in the official gamepage only steam is mentioned for the PC version.

So I wonder: is the version up to date? Will I have problems downloading or using user levels?

Imbroglio community · Created a new topic Imbroglio release

Hello. Congratulation for the release!

This is exactly my preferred type of puzzle game, and it have a great look too. Just bought!

Btw, I have noticed that the game status is still tagged as 'in developement' instead of 'released'.

I point that to you, because maybe you have forgotten to adjourne it.

Looks interesting (and cute, for how important this can be for a puzzle game)!

Will the final version still be available DRM free here on

Thx for your fast reply.

Unfortunately, I really keep away from Steam! I dont even have an account. But not all is lost: i'll play it on android.
(If/when you can make a non Steam build in the future, I'll buy it again for PC)

This game looks nice!

I will gladly buy it if I can get it DRM free.