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Is the game finished or still in development as stated in the info? And, by the way, where is the Buy button?

How many levels/rooms are there?

So, if I understand it correctly, it is a tiny bit like Desktop Dungeon, or maybe Tower of the Sorcerer, but in 3d. That's cool. But how long is it?

HI. I've had your game on my watch list for years now. Is it finished now or is it still in development?

Cool idea! But is the game finished or still in development?

Without anything (video, images, a more detailed description, a demo, etc.) to suggest whether the game is more arcade or puzzle oriented, the difficulty of the puzzles, the length of the levels, how can we the prospective buyers decide if it's worth the price (10$)?

Cool game! How many levels are there?

But the pricing  is confusing: it costs 1$ in order to download or 2$? If it's 2$, then what do you get with 1$?

Keb & Blink community · Created a new topic Nice game!

Do you plan a downloadable version down the road?

Thank you for the link. That's appreciated.

Planetary Portals community · Created a new topic Levels

How many levels are there?

A gameplay video would be helpful. Or even a written explanation. Or a web demo. Or downloadable. After all, you're asking for $5.

Is the game in development as the info says, or is finished?

Is there an AI opponent?

How many levels are there?

I saw a few minutes of gameplay video on Youtube and I'm impressed. The game looks and gameplay are fantastic! But, is it finished (the info strangely say "in development")?

Without videos and demos it is very difficult to guess what kind of game it is. For example, if it is more oriented towards puzzles or skill (speed, reflexes, precision...).

Great game but... why only for Mac? I still have the Windows version bought on the now defunct Indievania!

How many levels are there?

I see the game is for Android only. Unless you plan to port it to Windows and other systems, you should tag it accordingly. Otherwise, most of the traffic will come from people for whom this game is (unfortunately) irrelevant.

How many levels are there?

HI. I'm pretty sure the game is finished. I would like to point point you to the fact that it is still marked as "In development" in the info.

How many levels are there?

Can i ask: how many levels are there?

It says the game is for Windows, macOS, and Linux. But I only see the download for mac, with the Linux icon! That's quite confusing. Will that file run in windows?

Such a nice version of Sokoban! How many levels are there? Is it possible to import Sokoban level packs?

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Is the game finished or still in development?

Cool game. How meny levels are there?

Btw, there are other develipers on with a similar game. I mean even the grafics, not just the concept. One of them has a free and a 5$ version. Another one, I cannot find anymore among the huge collection of games.

Are you aware of them? Who is the original? Are the levelsets different or the same? So many questions...

Interesting concept. It's quite a generous  on your part to offer the game for free! I'll certainly buy the DLC when it come out.

Btw, I would like to point you to the fact that the game is still listed by among the paid games (12$). Infact I casually found it while searching paid puzzle games. People searching free puzzle games wont find it.

It's a nice take on Peg Solitaire. The download is for android or for windows?

Quite cool! This game has potential.

I'll certainly buy a future downloadable version.

How many levels are in the full version?

When you buy you get access to a 643 bytes file. Is that a Steam key?

Cool Boulderdash game!

Will it be available as drm-free download on

Is the game version final? It's marked as released in the info, but the version number 0-07, and the thread below about glitches in a couple of levels, make me doubt if it's a beta stage.

I'm a little confused. Is it playable by a single player? How many levels are there? The levels, judging from the three images, seem rather open: doesn't this ruin the Sokoban-type mechanics?

Atomix 3D community · Created a new topic Levels

Good job! I've always liked the "atomix" line of games. The only drawback of the game is the 30 levels, which seem a bit sparse compared to other remakes. For example, the very old Watomic, despite being very basic in graphics, has 85 levels.

And we puzzle fans love levels! This brings me to a question: are those 30 levels original or are they modified versions of already existing levels?

Hi, I'll leave you a comment/suggestion. I think you should really make a short gameplay video, or even a written description, explaining what type of game it is. Because it is really impossible from static images to decipher what the gameplay might be, even just if it is based on logic or dexterity.

$800 is a bit too much! I'll just wait for a sale, and have it cheap at $300 or so...

How many levels are there?

What is the status of developement?  "Update v1.0.2" suggest it is finished, but the info says it is a Prototype...

Nice game, for sure! But I have a question. How does this game relate to the similar Mummy's Maze from Popcap (2002)?  Are the levels different?