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I played, I cried. And I LIKED IT.

The "secrets" mechanic was such a great way to test those relationships and really bring in opportunities for strong emotions. Really just felt like giving an enormous hug to my fellow players after the game. Woe the limits of online play!

Got to play this game with Sandra as the GM. The mechanics were challenging but that's really what made it fun. You could really feel the stakes and that made it so exciting. It was also easy to learn and play, while rewarding role play.

Hearing the GM's genuine delight and joy in their wanting to kill you is also a plus! ;D

This was such a bonkers-fun game! It's all about going full ridiculous and playing the shadow game behind the scenes. But the game itself encourages communication between the players so that it's reframed as collaboratively creating drama rather than a PVP type game.

I wanted to be the strong buff & protective mommy of the party, and this class absolutely shone in that role. Being able to take on another party member's damage set such a cool tone. Definitely recommend!

This game is amazing. It's simple, the suggested tables make everyone laugh, inclusivity is part of the game (as the instructions prompt us to determine pronouns for our kobolds) and it brings out the best garbage-dragon energy ever.

I ran this game a few times on public Discord servers and also on stream (my first time streaming as a GM even). Even if we were loosey-goosey with the rules at times, we had so much fun!