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The music is way too funky for an organ puzzle, I love it ?!

The puzzles are very fun to complete, the D.A. and music are catchy

:musical_note: :musical_note: :musical_note:

Depuis la chute de la Ligue, les pokémons et leurs dresseureuses ont le temps de faire des couronnes de fleurs et d'aller au spa. Les combats et les entraînements ont laissé place aux taupiqueureuses, sous les pavés, et le centre d'interprétariat ouvre bientôt sa nouvelle antenne.

Grâce à CAMARADE rrrrrrose l'aventure (et la révolution) CONTINUE !!!

We would love to display your game, is there a way we can reach you ?

We would love to display your game, is there a way we can reach you ?

It is great that you managed to submit this cool vignette through language barrier ! We had fun playing it although it is weirdly stress generating :D

We can't wait to see how you evolve in your personal art and if the two lads happen to show up again, in one shape or another !

12 minutes into the game and we may have figure we needed to pay attention at the text appearing early game ! One of us already forgot about those text bits…

We also figured we will never get to eat what we cook and we are hungry after all that shrooms cutting and piling !

We need to start over after lunch..

We just played this ravenous game and are surrounded by questions.

How much of an artistic path are you building around this game ? Is this meant to be part of a bigger ensemble or is this a one shot experience ? We would have liked the short introduction phrases to be placed inside the game and not outside (we only read them afterwards on the ludum dare website), we were looking for some connexion to one character toward another and felt like this could be part of a three or more part series.

We do salute the work you put on the aesthetics and sound and are very fond of the limpy arms : they are the bests !!!