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good game

  nice game good ligthing and animations


very cool good job but is it web or download

its a good game mechanics work great and i also like the art and the 2player part

good game good job

hard but fun game 

its a cool game i like the puzzel element

i flippin LOVE this game/concept and every thing about it this has so much potential and it is realy realy fun so please release an update or an second game cause holy shit this is fun

very very cool concept i love it 9/10 very orginal you can do realy much to make it better or make it competitiv

realy cool game i like almost evryting about it 8/10 

good game i like it i also realy like the art good job

good game very original conept like the art style 8/10 0verall

cool prototype i like it the second mode is very cool also

is it just me or is the mouse sensetivitie realy high

thanks realy apreciate it

dont be sorry linux is just shit i am going to try ur game tonigth and leave some feedback😃

i am going to trie and dowload it on an other coputer but not on 5.28 am

nope it does not

i like the concept ut does it work for linux

cool thanks for replying

but what engine do you use (i am lookig for engines)

good game i like it

good game

there is not much yet but i like it still movement is great keep going cause this is awsome and keep me updated on the game if you can cause irealy want to see the end result keep up the good  work 😃

good game😃👍 also epic music

oh dont remeber but i think it was like 12-20 or somting

oh but i am still proud of me and of you cause it was a fun game

i set the world record!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

the update is in the game and done so if you feel like it go chek it out

update 0.4 is here we now have better backgrounds and an powerup

this was a good game with decent puzzels and overal good gamplay but the only thing that can be better next time is the grapichs 8/10

good game also great music


cool game


cool game 👩‍🦲👍

good game realy uniqe but a bit of a rage game but good job👩‍🦲👍