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David Malaky

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Graphics are cool, i dont really remember if there was audio (and i am too busy atm to check it out again). Controls were okay (tho grid movement would suit the game better), mechanics of the game were here before but its not that mainstream and still enjoyable. As for length, it is probably entry with longest play time on this jam. 

Overall: Would recommend it to friends. (Right after teaching developers how to implement grid movement)

Not making the resolution fixed kinda defeats the purpose of NES game. Graphics are nice, sound is cool, idea overall is okay, just shame character has next to no AI. 

Overall: Cool game

Graphics looks cool, but thats about all I can say about the game... Is it even game?  Its just so hard to  navigate through this, Application, thats the word

Graphics wise its okay, but animations can be easily bugged. Controls are okay. 

Overall: mediocre

Graphics are controls are good, but enemies have shifted their colliders, so shooting directly at them is useless, sometimes you have to shoot next to them instead. Walls are there just for sake of movement limitations, bots can shoot through them. 

Overall: Good, but not working properly

Not considering minor stuff, game has nice graphics and idea I havent seen before. Controls are okay (there is minor delay when switching lanes). Audio is okay, but game is really short.

Overall: Finished it in 10:30 and said "nice, but short work".

Graphics are okay, movement is complete mush (not responsive, hard to navigate precisely), aside that there are several bugs (main menu Quit).  I am sorry to say this, but the game is below mediocre and feel like lazy mario rip-off. Overall: had no fun playing it.