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the game doesnt work anymore..

it always crashes on the loading screen when it reaches 75%.

also im a mac user..

all i can say:


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i never seem to do it right..


I found out that a winged strawberry fly's upwards even if you're dashing one room above it.. why?

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also making things kill you didnt work.. OOOF

its really annoying..

nope.. just wont work.. :/

well.. i can try..

or can i even make a specific color deadly?

this might sound dumb.. but as i sad. i have almost no experience. 

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im working on new textures again.. but it would be really cool if you could tell me how to make sprites to hazards. Also having to know to to make an animated sprite (like the heart, just 1x1)Would make up for crazy possibilitys. you can just type down the code so i can use it.

could you do that for me please?

the cartcel. it just says "file not downloaded"

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The download doesnt work :/

well.. as a sulution i could just have this site open all time so i wont losed progress.. or i could write down the coulour codes.. but it still takes 15 minutes to finish off the coloring.. OOF

Is there any way to export the palette? couse it always ruins the textures after coming back to this projekt

okey thanks

soo.. am i able to save sprites and textures by saving and exporting the level that uses the sprites? 

also i have a older level.. how can i send the downloadlink of it?


now how about we talk around with E-mails instead of the commentary section of a video game.

its example level.. but well never see this version outside of this video again. my computer suddenly struggled and closed all tabs.. so I couldn't save or continue with what I made.. its really sad but it was really fun making own sprites.. also the hair color thing is on purpose. I just thought that it is hilarious.

it feels embarrassing to ask this but.. how do I post something?

Nice to hear that. also I played around with the sprites a bit. so, I kinda created an upgraded version of your example level. enjoy ^^

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will you ever make this game again? I've read about that if you would instead of updating it, completely recreate it on scratch. If so, I would love to work with you, since I love making pixel art and designs. It also it would be a great experience for me, so wouldn't want any money for my work.

also some more music would be great.. but that's just a small thing.

I tried google chrome now, and it worked.. not that I have this nice little game, I have some suggestions. not some new blocks, even if this would be obviously really cool. 1. I'd like to being able to change the controls, without going through the codes and maybe accidentally breaking the game. like putting jump on "c" instead of "x". 2. when you touch a spike, you always die. even when it used to not hurt you if you jump from underneath. now, I don't know how hard coding and all of that stuff is, but im sure you'll do a good job at implementing these two suggestions. but the controls is really the most important thing to me, especially since I played piccolo-celeste really often and sticked to its controls.

Safari.. but I'll check out some other browsers

It doesn't load no matter how often I refresh the page.

Is there some change that my computer process or something? I just wanna know.