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Stunning game and wonderful execution. Very excited to see this live!

I am enamored with Clean Spirit! Fantastic writing, the layout and digital accessibility is amazing (the adorable tabs are clickable!), and the gameplay gets the wheels turning. I cannot wait to play through this one with my group! Really great work, Cassi!

That sounds wonderful! I’m really excited to see all of this come together (and I’m a sucker for pamphlets).

I’m glad the document and resources are organized well. After being so close to everything for so long you never know until a fresh pair of eyes looks it over.

And yes, you are welcome to make work outside of the Jam! Just shoot me a message and I’ll send a link to add it to the Jam submissions. I’m also planning to create a Banda’s Grove Content collection and keep everything people make in there regardless if it’s made during the Jam or not.

Nope! You don’t have to buy it to participate. We still have free community copies of the full game, which I encourage you to grab, a free version of the game and the creator’s guide that outlines all the mechanics and systems of the game without you needing to own Banda’s Grove at all.

Definitely grab a community copy or the demo version, though!

What is everyone thinking about making for the jam?

We are going to submit a new Facility, Spirit, and Quantum Event that are related to each other: The Quantar, Cleft, the musical water spirit, and an adventure in the strange aqueducts in the Undergrove that water spirits normally move along to explore the fragments of the Grove, but something has happened to them…

Can’t wait to see what everyone else makes!

I absolutely adore lost and found games, and Philippa Mort does an incredible job with Lost Post. From the moment you open the game, Philippa sets the mood with art, color, and wonderful prose.

There is an amazing set of options throughout. All the prompts - from the opening Act and all the different Carriers of your lost letter - are beautifully written. The writing drawing you in and making it easy to imagine yourself as the letter trying to find its way.

This game is definitely worth your time.

Hey ZaneByZane! Happy to brainstorm a title with you! Can you give us a description for what you’re submitting? And we can throw out some suggestions.

We wanted to provide an update for the solo rules! They’ve grown into so much more than what we originally intended, but we’re very excited about them.

We’re adding rules for the core game as promised: Tables, written rules for playing, etc. However, Armanda Haller is also creating a whole new solo mode: Be a Festival Planner or Contractor & travel around the Grove preparing for a Festival or working to build a new Facility!

Every Facility and Festival in the game will have a to-do list that you need to accomplish for it. There will be two custom playbooks just for solo players. Pick a Festival or Facility to accomplish tasks for each play session.

In each Fragment of the Grove you attempt to complete one of your tasks. There are 7 Fragments in the Grove - each you can generate with tables. After visiting each Fragment and completing your tasks, you hold the Festival or have a Grand Opening of your Facility!

Your solo sessions can take place in the same Grove you play with your fellow players or a different one! You can use the tasks for each Festival or Facility to expand out your group play, or keep them just for yourself.

Here’s the Substratum playlist!

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It happened so suddenly. The Apocalypse was not what we thought it would be.

The molten core of our planet was consumed to power an interdimensional portal.

While the cracks that split the planet open are letting them out, we will make our way in.

You are the best and brightest scientists we have left. You need to figure out how to fix this as you head down, reach the portal, and close it.



▶ REQUIRED DICE D4, D6, D8, D10, D12, D20

We’re designing a sci-fi subterranean horror game. Scientists in exo-suits. A portal consumed the core of our planet and while the cracks to the surface are letting them out, we will make our way in.

Congrats! It’s on my calendar!

This is the perfectly quaint game to start your morning to while you steep your tea or brew your coffee. And the rules are easily adaptable to your own mad libs to spice up your morning routine again and again!

Thank you for making this!

I absolutely love this. Concise, but full of great combinations. Using card draws instead of dice rolls for your generation table is top-notch - even incorporating card suits for egg color! Love it.

We would love to add solo rules and the concept has been mulling around in the back of our minds for a while. So it’s definitely a possibility!

That said, we don’t have anything concrete right now, but is something we want to pursue.

Apologies for not responding sooner to this. Thank you so much for putting in the work and calculations to generate this graph and you are absolutely correct! This is on my list of things to update on the ToL document.

A fantastic solo game that optionally incorporates photographing your surroundings or visiting a museum. The layout and imagery are astounding (Google Slides?!). In classic Armanda Haller fashion, the questions posed are poignant and get you thinking, while the rules fit the narrative and are easy to understand.

Worth picking up whether you enjoy solo games or are interested in paying attention to the world around you a bit more.

I can also see this being used with a group of friends visiting museums and comparing what each person found to fit their lists! What a great way to learn more about your friends.

This is a fantastic example of how powerful Charge is and what can be done with it. This simplification to fit the Witcher universe is just one example and could easily be expanded out to be 'crunchier' or simplified even further all within the Charge framework.

The dice system is simple enough to stay out of the way of the story, but still provides a myriad of outcomes and possibilities.

I especially love the implementation here of Clocks, Flashbacks and the situational talents where players define the circumstance their talent bonus applies!

Thanks for making and sharing this!

This is a fantastic hands-on game and really lets you explore the questions and prompts in a unique way. The layout, scrap booking materials and graphics all lend itself to the theme perfectly. Many of the songs Armanda offers will unknowingly bring back a rush of memories and even the opening statements can open old hormone-filled emotions "You want to find a real love, a real connection[...]". Yeah. Ouch we've all been there and can remember feeling that!

Give this game a serious look.

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This is a solo journaling RPG about the knowledge of the walls. You play it by yourself in the dark.

Construct the Whispers Deck, draw cards and let the secrets unfold. As you draw cards, you’ll be directed to prompts to write as the P.I. trying to solve a mystery. Throughout the game, you’ll describe what the walls, ceiling and floors are telling or showing you, keep notes on what you think it all means and ultimately conclude the truth. A session takes between 15 and 60 minutes and is highly replayable. Each session is unique!

Great for autumn and the Halloween season!

Monsters & Counselors adapts John Harper's Lasers and Feelings into a monster and mystery RPG where you take on the role of trusted guidance counselors who need to keep the kids alive as they get themselves into danger around camp while also dealing with the real monster lurking in the shadows! This hack introduces a sliding stat mechanic, explained more on the game page and in the rules.

STORYTELLER is a narrative rpg where you craft a story to play using a story prompt and many provided options (or use your own!).

It features several mechanics all designed assuming the players are in the wilderness with little to no access to things like dice, paper or pens. Rules are meant to be easily memorized and adaptable to what's available.

Hard Decisions can be made by either a chance (dice) or skill (flipping a bottle, pushups) based task as long as there are three potential outcomes defined. Characters are created quickly using a Core or Full Member Profile depending on how quickly the group wants to get going.

Other mechanics include The Picker, who fills out the story prompt and then helps The Storyteller (the GM) decide what the Monster is doing. Ghost Pickers are dead player characters who move away from the campfire and make mood appropriate noises and ask disparaging questions and comments towards the remaining players and can also help The Picker. And optional Story Twists (only known by the Storyteller!) can help weave in that sudden twist to trip everyone up.

It features rules for both a collaborative story (standard RPG game) or a "Storyteller Mode" where you may be just telling a story to an interactive audience rather than active players. Includes both Full Color and Print Friendly pdf versions!