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Oh, this is absolutely fantastic!  I have a hard time writing in Ren'py because it's just blocks and blocks of text, so being able to organize things with Twine should make things exponentially easier.

This is very well made, thank you for providing this for everyone!

This is a fantastic program!  I've been struggling to find a way to organize all of the ideas I have for my original world, and online resources are usually not what I need (ie. Worldanvil) because they have either too much or too little information.  This should make it significantly easier to keep everything organized, and I'll be sure to update this comment/leave an additional comment after I've used it a bit!

This is super cute!  I love the simplistic style.  Sometimes simplicity is best, and this makes it work!

I've wanted to do a point-and-click game for a while now, and this looks like it'll be perfect for it!  I'm looking forward to trying it out!

Wonderful!  I look forward to getting the chance to use them!

These bases are fantastic, both this one and the Male Knight base!  Are you planning to make other traditional RPG classes (mage, archer, cleric) as well?

This is really cool to tinker with!  By chance do you have any plans to implement a 'randomize' option for generation, for people who can't come up with an idea and want something to inspire them?

Just looking at this is making me think of the interface for PPSSPP, and the fact you made this with Godot is incredible!  I'm going to definitely make use of this in the future because it would make organizing my emulators so much easier!

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¡Estoy emocionado de ver la versión terminada del software!

This is super cute!  Thank you for providing this for everyone!

You are a godsend.  This is going to make naming NPCs SO much easier.

hilbert community · Created a new topic Looks Great!

I've never been able to work with vector-based projects due to how complicated they look, but this one seems pretty simple and user-friendly for those of us with no real experience.  I'm looking forward to working with it, and I'll be sure to give more thorough feedback if I can!

I could see this being useful for a loading screen for a sci-fi based game, too.

Visual novel, but close enough.

Welp, looks like I've got inspiration for a Ren'py game.

This is very convenient for making sure everything looks good on a new page!  I'm definitely going to be hanging onto this for the future!  Thank you for providing this for everyone!

This map looks wonderful!  By chance, do you have any advice for making large world maps that look balanced?

These are quite simple, but really well done!  I can't wait to use them!