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Here's a walkthrough from Alpha Beta Gamer :

Sure, we'll upload a windows build tomorrow ;)

Hi ! Thank you so much for your comment. We fixed some bugs in the latest version, and the player should now never get out of the map.

Thank you, we're glad you enjoyed it :)

Unfortunately due to my schedule it wont be soon, but I'll keep you posted

Thank you for the log. I'm not using multithreading so it looks like it doesn't come from my end. I'll try updating my Unity version to see if it'll fix it.

Hi ! Did you place the game folder in your documents folder ? If so have you tried moving your game folder elsewhere ?

Thank you :)

Awesome, hope you'll enjoy it !

It is available on windows

I already knew it was going to be great, but I was surprised at how well done the levels are, teaching you new tricks along the way. My favourite level was the 13th, with the little airlock you have to do to get the right pieces at the start.

Of course the art is really great and very efficient. This is a professional game right there.

Congrats on the medals in advance haha