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Jumping in corners. The faster jump is pressed the faster you "climb".

It is possible to to climb flat walls. I did this by spamming crouch and jump, while holding forward and moving the mouse side to side.

When running spamming crouch, to slide, gives a speed of 38 km/h which can be faster than wall running and is faster than normal running (25 km/h).


The blue blocks that act as fences don't have collision. This is only noticeable when crouching or sliding through them due to the collisions of the sliding rails.

It is possible to wall-run on downwards angled walls. Some are easier to get to than others

The walls underneath the staircase, that leads up to the " << To Alley" sign, don't have collision.

Near the aforementioned stair case, is a hole that allows the player to leave the map without using wall climbing exploits.

It is possible to leave the map using wall climbing exploits.

Most of these are shown here: 

Played on a 120 degree FOV

If you would like me to take the video down, do tell me. I will do so as soon as I can.