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Does it just end "at you'd seen it there?"

Because if so... I'm sad now lol

But seriously it was really good and I hope that it's not abandoned because it was enjoyable to read. I'm really hoping for more...

EEEEEE!!! I'm SO excited!!!! Yay!!! I can't wait! I mean, I can, but I'll be eagerly awaiting the next update!!!!

(P.s. I never knew I needed a gif of a baby pug spinning because they're so excited! Now I do :p 馃槉 )

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I'm so excited!!!!! As I said before I absolutely adore this!!! Also, I totally understand I graduated high school recently (I was previously a dropout), and let me tell you going back to high school as a 21 y.o. is a major pain in the tokus. I don't work and just going to school was difficult so I can't imagine how difficult it must be to do both. So, I thank you for doing your best 馃槉. All the best to you and yours. 

(P.s. Sorry for the huge gif of Dipper I don't know how to make it smaller... anywho have a great day/night 馃槉)

Um, I'm willing... I have no experience but I've always wanted to be an actress. You can reach me at my Facebook "Starr Brown" Please send me a message... also, please let me know that it's you. 

       Hope to hear from you,


Are you still writing this? I hope so because I really love it.  :)

Are you still writing this? I hope so because I really love it.  :)

Are you still writing this? I hope so because I really love it.  :)

Are you still writing this? I hope so because I really love it.  :)

Are you still writing this? I hope so because I really love it.  :)

The Night Market communityCreated a new topic Caliban

OMFG, Caliban is incredible! I need a route with him or a game that has him as an LI. I need to know more about him and I need a chance to love him, mostly because I already do...

Are you still working on this? I really hope so because I absolutely adore it.

Not a problem, as a person deemed "SMI" I totally understand mental health taking priority.  Best wishes for you and yours

Is this still being worked on? I hope so... I'm one of the ones who as you put it "got dust in the eye" this was bittersweet and beautifully written... heartbreakingly sweet... and so freaking deep for a ten-minute game... I really hope you continue this.

Are you still working on this?

I'm not playing it on my phone, I'm on my Chromebook and in the chrome browser.

Let's go let's go let's go!!!!! I can't wait!!!!

Same! Idk, what's going on but it's slightly annoying...

Don't worry about it we all have our own lives and the fact that you're still working on this means a lot

It's amazing and adorable, I hope you make more romance games... I'd pay for it 馃榿

It's working now... it may have just been my computer sorry about that...

Need more! This is incredible!

Hi Xevvy, I wanted to thank you for putting as much emotion into Deigo's route as you did. His pain was similar to what I felt after one of my breakups... (except for the miscommunication part, we (my ex and I) both knew it was a relationship...) to be precise the feeling of not being good enough, of putting yourself out there and pouring your heart and soul into a relationship, of always having to fight in order to even spend time together, of being cast aside like garbage and having to find the strength to know that you were not at fault. My ex f'ed me up and one of Deigo's lines actually helped me to come to terms with it after years of wondering where it went wrong. I would rather not share what line it is but... seriously thank you. I am now in a loving polyamorous relationship with the two most wonderful guys in the world and a beautiful girl who makes my world complete. Thank you Xevvy, I am most grateful.

I don't currently have money so I can't be a Patreon rn but the moment I get some I'm going to become one! This is VERY well written and beautiful! I love it! I also appreciate the pace at which you've been releasing chapters.

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Yay! I love this!

Thank you!

Alright, thanks for the help. 馃榿

Alright, I love this game but I haven't played it for a  while and this message came up: WebGL not available

How do you become a slaver?

It stopped loading on my computer... Maybe, it's just me but it keeps acting like it's going to load and then it just says bye...

Are you still working on this?


Hi, as someone who went through dark times themselves I completely 100% understand. Take all the time you need.  I'm glad to hear that you're feeling better sending you good vibes. *virtual hugs* 

I don't want more... I NEED more! This is SO good and Elan is freaking hot... although him calling everyone sister is a tad bit annoying... it makes me think of the guys who say dude all the time. And Linde is adorable although they're a bit of a Debbie downer... also can we talk about Hestia for a second first, she's got Style! Plus she's passionate, she's just an all-around queen! I LOVE her. Also for some reason, I get weird vibes from Cyrus... like a combo of bad vibes and he's awesome vibes... I love his level-headedness...

Beautiful, sad but beautiful, it reminds me of what one of my friends did... I have bipolar manic/anxiety/OCD/BPD and basically, was in the situation Pesty was in... my friend decided to come over to my house and bang on the door until I opened it... he then took me back to his place, and yeah... he forced me to eat, sleep, shower, and basically live... I think he saved my life... thank you for capturing the feeling of both being the one to take care of the other and the one being taken care of.

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Alright, I just came from The vanishing memories we share, and wow, crying one moment squealing at the cuteness the next... I think you're an amazing writer and I can't wait to see what you come up with next! 

Edit: crying because of The vanishing memories we share and squealing at the cuteness of this one...

OK, who is cutting the onions? Alright, but seriously, I'm crying. The ending was heartrending and beautifully written. This is the first game of yours that I've played, and now I want to play more... the ending... man, I felt that... the pain of why do you want me? The feeling of being no good... I've felt that a lot even though I'm thankfully at a better place in my life where sometimes even I love me... it's still a struggle and yeah, sometimes I fail... but thank you for managing to capture that feeling so beautifully.  Much like TheLastYuriSamurai said I could tell that this is something that came from a dark space... as someone who is trying to escape from that dark space and (most of the time) succeeding, I want to thank you. I feel seen...

I'm so glad that you're still working on this! I'm excited to see what happens, and I can't wait! 

Human in Minotaur Hotel and a Husky in Sileos tales of a new dawn.

Oooh, well in that case... check out: Sileos tales of a new dawn

and Minotaur Hotel. Trust me, you will not be disappointed.

*Happy squeals* Thank you guys so much... I had this downloaded on my old computer, which sadly broke... but I've still been following this because I fell in love with the characters and the writing and the plotlines and *Happy squealing resumes* anywho, my new computer sucks and it won't let me download any games... so to once again be able to play! I'm looking forward to it! Thank you.