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this is incredibly cute. <3

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Good quality so far.

Graphics look nice and colorful, even on low-end systems it runs fairly smooth at 50+fps, tho textboxes get cut off on resolutions below 720p.

My current issues are the controls, camera and rail hitboxes.

To me, it is kind of an awful scheme right now. Holding down the RT seems fine at first, but your finger eventually going to hurt after a while. I would prefer to accelerate with the left stick going into the direction i want to go. Would feel more fluid to me at least. Backward skating also really adds nothing to the movement itself, its rather confusing for me to make quick turns and then ending up skating backwards, just to realign myself. Turning to backwards skating might be better using a simple button like Y on the x360 pad. 

Kinda goes hand in hand with the controls. I find myself adjusting the camera every couple of seconds, because it moves around, while going into one direction. A fixed camera behind the character would do the job much better, with the option of the right stick to look around. Also resetting the camera with LB / RB would be better, so i could jump while resetting the camera. 

Rail hitboxes for the lightning trails seem kind of small at this point, while normal rails seem okay to me. 

So far i'm still impressed tho, good work so far and i'm looking forward for updates. :)

Also the song in the demo is pretty cool !