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Funny short game! :) Check out my new channel!

Hell ya! Im excited for it!

Now this is a beast horror game!! I peed a little but thats ok! You guys should make this a full game! 

The graphics in this game were honestly amazing! I loved this short horror game! I could see a full horror game out of this! Good job! 

Honestly one of the coolest experience's ive had in a horror game! I love how there isnt any jump scares in it. Most horror games rely on that and this didn't. Great job guys keep it up! 

I sure did! Keep up the good work! :)

Amazing game designed by Hideo Kojima! Hands down his best work yet lol. 

I loved this game! It was extremely scary! Check out my video lol.

I absolutely loved this game! My only complaint was that I wanted more! 

Great game! I had sooo much fun playing this game! It made my Monday much better!