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im a cute gay nerd.

great cosy game! i got the artist ending

it鈥檚 a bummer, I really wanted to play this game 

i have the same probelm with alot of games on here. srrry idk how to fix it. both on the same side here

i love this game! i would like it to be longer but i still apretiate the effort you put into this, thank you (:

as someone who is currently strugling with gender idendity and all that, this made me feel so warm inside. pressing the button and shortly after having the "your non-binary!" text show up was so important to me. thank you so much for making this little expriment <3

Happy pride btw 馃彸锔忊嶐煂堭煆筹笍鈥嶐煂

this game was so good! also i love how 'cat ears' is called toby becuse my cat is called toby

i love how its "run gay date"


gay people indeed

i love this game nut for some reason when it gets to the spacebar bit it wont work. no matter how much i press the pacebar the game dosent respond. can anyone help me fix this?


love this game, 11/10 recommend you play it. also I want a dog called pumpkin now.

pov: you get to weird to play the game probably you littery make the deluxe double cheese burger a tower

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pov: my dead cat rn