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Well made all around. Movement felt good and smooth. The idea of giving a feel for the fully powered character before taking away the powers is interesting. The punch felt a bit useless probably because of the low range of it. After losing the ability to shoot I just ignored every enemy going forward. All around a very nice experience :)

I'm sorry it didn't work for you :(

I don't actually know what could cause that. The character is supposed to move at a set speed. Only thing that even pops to mind is varying fps (super high or super low). I'll need to investigate a bit further

I killed Nat and can't reset the console. Press F to pay respect! Amazing game tho! Love the sound effects, love the graphics and absolutely love the idea. Kind of like those Freddie games but not spooky :)

Great idea and cute graphics and music. Relatively simple looking but doesn't need anything else. Some of the levels were pretty damn tricky

Well I know what's going on in my nightmares next! really dig the atmosphere.

I feel I cannot support a game where booze helps you but mermaids hurt you!!! Nah, but seriously a fun idea. Love the sound effects

Thanks for playing. There's actually a 10% change for a ticket to be fake so you might not see a cheater in the first few levels. When you start to get more passangers and carriages you'll start to see them more often. Or you might get all cheaters in the first level. Happened to me while testing :P

Really interesting. Loved the story and your take on the theme. Left me waiting for more!

Thanks! First jam game I’m proud of!

I liked this. Overall it's a pretty good first finished game. Could use some polish but time is always an issue in jams so it's understandable. The game really only needs more content and polish but your description makes it clear you know this already. Well done :)

I like your take on the theme. Love the old school

Yeah, it's a shame but such is life. Had a bunch of real life stuff going on

Yeah, I wanted to add bunch of different obstacles (pits, spikes, military tanks, etc) but had to rush to finish