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Panamanian Bootyscout

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Your projects are awesome. I downloaded Crypt Worlds back in 2013 and have been closely following your content ever since. I was 15, I am now 24. Your unique art and story telling has had a significant impact on how I would develop my own interests and tastes from an impressionable age and I'm better off for it.

Didn't realize you were the creator of Ucogi. Loved your stuff back in the early 2010's.

[Takes long drag off of cigarette]

 I haven't heard that name in years

Did the dev(s) ever get with you on this?

This is the face of Linux gaming


the reason you can reload glorious kalashnikov while stabbing with knife is becuase yuo are reloading with giant soviet penis 

I always thought a game like this about one of Israel's wars would be interesting but figured no one would ever make one due to the controversial subject matter. Thank you for making this.

i conceived my seventeenth child to this

dat oldschool modern tilepack

All of the windows links 404

Haha thanks for letting me know about the bug, man. I'll release a patch for it tomorrow.

"Wanna upgrade to Dropbox Premium?"

"Nah, fam. I've got a better idea."

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Application folder:
There should be 'Phantom_Proxy_Data'
folder next to the executable

-Player has to rename one of the folders

Mouse binding didn't work for me despite not having any controllers installed.

Really cool, but a lot more resource intensive than it looks.