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Has anyone else played the hard mode, in the game using the more games button?

Great game! I find it kind of soothing just jumping, espically when a cone shape os formed and you have to parkour through the middle

There has been talk of a dupe glitch, and i found an easy way to dupe the springs, just stack them, then spam rightclick. 

Very fun to speedrun and fun speedrun glitch is that when going to the next level as it transers if you get the ball into a hole from the level you just completed then it skips the next level

There is a super fun glitch where if you manage to trap the first enemy raft(or any enemy raft) The game can't spawn more enemies and the wind never changes so you can just sit there forever. Please don't patch this glitch it is hard to do but is really funny to see.

Great game! Gets so hard but that what keeps me playing

You use the arrow keys and the enter/return key to control the menu

There is a glitch where i got stuck in a wall under the portal. Jumping took me into to the portal but i had dissapeared from the screen

It was said in the desc that menu does not use mouse

Great Game. Just found it and found myself wanting to play more!

Amazing Game. Hooked when I started!

Going Good

Fun Game!

I sent you a Discord message. My discord is VGtolg#5113

If you do get a discord, then do you want to team?

Hey I saw your post and I just wanted to say that i’m not so good at music   but i can program and I am a 4/10 at making sprites. I was wondering if despite that you wanted to team? I can try on music but it might not be good.

Great game both the classic edition and this one!

Do you have a discord?

Love it. Been playing it for like 3 days and I'm already hooked

I want to team up as I am not very good a making sprites or music. I can code kinda well in Python and I can do pretty well in Unity. 

Discord: VGtolg#5113

Great Game!

I love it! Its a great idea combining the rougelike and card game genres.

I played it where I used the turning ability to help myself

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Such a great game! I liked the last bit where when you fell down the tall pit, the screen started to zoom out like a movie.

My best is is 8:49

The music is amazing, the controls are great too, but there should either be a score counter or different types of enemys throughout all of the levels

Loved it, survived at 1 health! I only survived thanks to the call cards. Loved the game, and heres to making even better ones!

Loved it. Only wished it could have been longe

Good Fun! Enjoyed the Game

Sorry, I can't play as i am on a mac and I can't open exe. Thank you for the nice comment though