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When you're riding towards Tuonela, you should know whats coming. This is so well made! Loved it.

I remember playing this game years ago on another site. I cannot tell you how happy I am to see it on here. I literally just thought about it earlier, being sad I forgot the name. But here we are. ♥ 

It's a pretty regular clicker game. Something that bothers me is the huge difference in image quality when you click on the character, and the curners cut off. clicking the side buttons is hard, especially the one on the left is a struggle to catch. 

Another thing that would be usefull would be to see how much money and likeability each upgrade offers, as well as making sense of the tick speed. "10 likeability per second" for example. 

I can play this version through in one try, speedrun time lmao. Bought the full version on steam. Performance, art and especially the custom level design is so trippy and so fun. 12/10 was worth it. 


This was a very short, but lovely game. Well made! 

First of, I'd recommend adding a little tutorial. Just a "Move this left or right to adjust generation/safety." should be enough. First time I played I tried clicking and nothing worked and I was about to quit until I noticed I had to move it. Not my proudest moment there lmao.

Now to my event Ideas:

Social unrest events - People are demonstrating against the reactors being there, chance of being triggered by buying more efficency and also starting at a certain efficency height. "You had to hire security to keep away protesters, - [x Amount] of money spent."

Nature and weather events - A small chance of efficency loss after a storm, earthquake, vulcano erruption, alien invasion. Some might be for a few ticks only, others might be permanent. 

Gambling - A button you can click to gamble with your money. One attempt costs ~ $10 - $100, and you can either loose that money, maybe even more if you can buy multiple tickets at once, but there is a 1% chance of winning the jackpot, $100.000; and 20% to get your money back. Maybe 10% to gain like $500. Numbers may not be optimal.

Mom is calling. You forgot her birthday. $100 fine.

I first played the game before the last few updates, where it was unplayable. 

Now the game is much more balanced, though I do reach the point of near infinite money and safety pretty quickly. I like the Idea and mechanics a lot, though I wish there were more events. 

Very.. simplistic. Probably a great way to learn how to make a game the first time, I've made simliar before. But I don't think it had the kind of content needed to really qualify as a game. 

It's not even an Idle game, because that would require there to be some Idle progress to it, yet the only thing this Santa Clicker can do is while actively playing. 

Great Game, and perfect to kill some time.

The progress was pretty smooth between each new colour, and I very much enjoyed the different rendering choices. Very satisfying to watch, too. 

Very fun little game. 

It was very short and I was done quickly, but I don't think it was too short. Very simple mechanics, but I enjoyed it a lot. 

I like it a lot!
The only thing that was not very fun to me was the cats or Items basically vanishing behind the buttons, so to merge I had to first search there. 

The game itself makes me very nostalgic to those merging games I used to play in my teens, and the grafics might be simple, but perfectly hit the point. Well done!

This game had a fantastic Idea, nice graphics and fluent animation.

I really enjoyed it, though it was sadly a little short. But for having been made within 48 hours, really good. (I can't even make a basic map within 48h. Sob.)

Nice little game!
However, by buying TNT I do not get the 850 stone/s, but only about 155, which makes the progress to get the other upgrades much, much slower. 

It is however a very solid game otherwise. Short, but definetly Idle. Looking forward to possible future updates, and other projects of yours. :)

Cute little game!

Something I missed in this was a bit of background animation, like the ground moving to make the snail move forward, maybe some trees and birds too. Bowever it's a great basic game, well done!

Very simple, classy idle game. A very good, clean start. I hope you'll be able to do something with it in the future!

You're right, though more are so than others. It's very satisfying once one manages to get past a certain enemy after a while of grinding, though. Lmao

Very laggy, but beautiful Idea. I love the color used, it gived it a very calm feeling. 

Well made litte game!

I greatly enjoyed both the graphics and the simple, yet usefull UI. Easy to understand and playable game, with the possibilty to get a bit creative, especially later in the game.

I managed to retire, just as my workday in the office was over, too. 12/10. 

Might be a little late, but awesome game! I really enjoyed it, though it's very grindy. But perfect for killing a bit of time at work.
Simplistic enough to not be overloaded with stuff, but also not too little things to upgrade and do, even if it's just spamming potions. 

Great work!

I already very much adore this game. I am excited to see what it's going to turn into.

Here are some things I noticed: 
The sell button doesn't work if I click on the word "Sell" direclty, I have to click around it. Once my Inventory was empty I re-bought some Items, however customers ignored me still as if my Inventory was empty, and then my game crashed. After that I had to re-start completely.

I absolutely love the artstyle, though it still looks very repetitive. In my past games I'd usually add some more plants against the house walls, maybe some barrels, and also some different trees.

This has a lot of potential, good job so far!