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let's complete this with: 


Cool thumbnail!


part 3?

part 2.

hopefully next week, part 2 is out. We'll see..

I think it's time.

Glad you can make rules upside down lul

Hi! Hope you enjoy my dumb playthrough lul

very rude, really funny puzzle troll lul

another TROLLLL game lul

really interesting concept, reminds me of Spec Ops (iirc)

really fun!

Really fun color puzzle! The art is good too, although the mechanic sometimes kinda jank imo :)

Oh my god it's so damn funny, got so much laugh playing this XD

Nice game! Took me a while to realize what to do on the deer one, but really cool puzzle!

it's just a silly idea though lol
real levelpack maybe in two months..

still missing coins, but very fun!

Yo, i'm back re-play the post jam one! Nice to see the addition of dash mechanism!

And here's the finale:

lol and now part 2 is out!

Good levelpack! I really like the group usage in this pack, it's nice to see a powerup mechanism in Baba!

Also, I made a playthrough of this here:

Really enjoying this, great work!

also, ice physics!

Cool mechanic! You could add new stage at another store too in the future (maybe like cellphone and grocery store), it's fun with what it is now though..

gotta check it out then :) i didn't realize my first run in assist mode would be like that though lol

Really fun game! I love the mechanic, kinda remind me a little of flappy bird but obviously this is much fun  :) also in arcade mode you only need 9 feather to win lol

I love the color used, it gives a retro vibes to the game! Also the credits music is the one i really like! Sadly it's a little bit too short for my liking..

As i promised, here's the gameplay i made, hope it enjoyable :)

Man i reallly love the music you used here! Fun and brutal golf course too loo

fun levelpack! i love the color mechanism, great work!

I like the mechanic, good game!

Nice puzzle! Kinda neat to see pure sokoban with a twist in Baba, also with a banger along with to play :)

nice game, as usual! hope you'll made longer game though..

Here's one for you!

Cool concept, cute giant lizard lul, fun puzzle! Hope to see more!

Fun and calm puzzle that is!

Great game! Interesting mechanic, enjoyable music, even if it's short. But more important, it's fun to play!

Interesting puzzle mechanic, although for the gate switch i think it would be better if it needed to be pressed all time to open the gate. Can't wait for full version of this!!

fun platforming! managed to get 2:18 on 100th attempt lul, though maybe gonna try to get sub 2:15 later (maybe)..

Here's my final part of the playthrough! 

Great game! Nice concept, sadly no music though but it's undestandable (since it's made for 48-hour jam), although it would be nice if we get updates :)

Anyway it's still fun to play, so thanks for making this!