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This is just the exe file 

In order to upload the whole game you need to archive the builds folder using winrar or 7zip and then upload the archived file

I love the watercolor style

Pek güzel olmis

Great game and great sound effects i loved it

Thank you!

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Could you post if any tutorial you followed for the shader?

It takes 20-25 minutes finish it's not that much

Wow this was amazing I would like to know how many people worked on this project.

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Wow this was truly amazing controls feel amazing music everything fits in. But one thing doesn't someone starts to moan at some point and it goes on for a while I don't get the context but I suppose it was intentional I don't think someone would put moaning asset accidentally to his/her game.

I am not sure if this was intentional but you can control floating platformers with arrow keys.

This game looks really good but it's not that fun I feel like it must've been more fact-paced.

That totem looks really good

Oyun güzel ama bu nasıl bir İngilizcedir ya

do you hang out in some episodes


Hileleri kullanmadan oynamak bile çok eğlenceli.

Karakter çok hantal geliyorsa w spamlayın çok işe yarıyor.

Bu oyunun ilk 3'e girmesi lazım. Şu ana kadar oynadığım oyunlardan en güzel gözükeni. Hikayesi de çok hoştu. Umarım oyunu bitirirsin.:)

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Işıklar default olarak açık olsalardı daha iyi olurdu ve ayarlara nasıl girildiğinin belirtilmesi lazım. 

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Uzak yerlerin bulanık görünmesi çok kötü hssettiriyor

End of the game was amazing.

 Thank you it worked. I realized first time I uploaded it then googled it once but couldn't find an answer.

I played all 3 levels and all of them was fun

Very fun game

A really fun experience

Great game and I love the concept

This is so underrated

The Sun in a more for your recent weeks .


great game

Great concept

Movement feels great.

Why don't we open a Discord Server and show WIP and we can play each others games and comment on theme.

How do you come up with these ideas.

I didn't get it.