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im glad u enjoyed it :)

i updated the game :)

i updated the game :)

i updated the game :)


ok i will do that

you do it just doesn't show and it takes awhile

thank you :D

nice short simple game. I wanted to ask how did you make the resolution like that?

this is good

i made the game downloadable if you want to play

yeah i made a big accident, I was trying to update the game and forgot about the jam so when I deleted the file it couldn't let me cuz I was in the jam. I have to wait till the voting ends so I can add the file :(

this is funny 

thank you for playing i will make it better but what do you mean by making the controls tighter?

once the jam is done I will make the game downloadable

some of the animations don't load so I can't play the game

This game made me laugh. Nice

really? I just loaded my game fine and other people did too

this is awesome

best game ever. 10/10

this is the best kermit game. I love it. Amazing graphics and beautiful gameplay. I played this game against my friends and family and it was an easy clap or should i say slap!

the fact that this made by construct really makes me impressed, i dont see many construct games. Also I love the story too!


Thanks! :D

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thanks but yours is still good :)

this is a beautiful game. The graphics are amazing. So many moves. But for real all jokes aside I also have a bad game but making a new one that is decent.