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Hi guys

I just finished the game (as it stands) and thought I'd post some feedback.

Overall I think it's great, the mechanics are really nicely done. The card collecting is fun and the little meta-game of arranging them is rewarding. The art style is lovely, the sound design is spot on (love the bolas girl), and the music is great, everything gels together perfectly.

Things to improve? very little honestly, it could be a little longer but I suspect this version doesn't contain everything? I was pumped up to tackle that last zone but it just ended so I would hope there is at least one more area in the final release. The teapot guy is great and I'd like to see more cutscenes with him, the story is so quirky it makes you want more of it. The game is a bit easy perhaps? It took me about 10 runs to beat including a few false starts so I don't feel much impetus to play again until there is more content, I see people already optimising their runs on the leaderboards by just gunning it to the exits. The mechanic where you pick up other peoples dropped cards feels a bit hollow, it's a nice idea but it doesn't really click somehow, the game goes more smoothly if you just ignore it.

I wish you all the best with the final release, it feels like a lot of love went into the game so I hope it pays off :)