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Great post, you can definitely hear the enthusiasm Amos has for the platform. Thanks for your hard work :)

Awesome, talk about a fast fix :D

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This is a weird one... I was having trouble getting authentication to work. I did end up fixing it, but here's what was happening:

(Unity  5.6.0f2)

Attempt 1:

  1. Click "Get Trello API Token"
  2. Unity switched focus to the "Services" tab (I had already placed this tab on the right side of my screen, but it wasn't focused)
  3. Nothing happened after that.

Attempt 2:

  1. Click "Get Trello API Token"
  2. Unity switched focus to the "Collab History" tab (this was opened after Attempt #1 to roll back the config files)
  3. Nothing happened after that.

At this point, I twigged on to the fact that Unity changing the focus of my tabs might have something to do with the problem, so I closed BOTH "Services" and "Collab History" tabs completely. THEN IT WORKED! Brought up the browser window and I was off to the races.

I have no idea why Unity would behave in this way, but there you have it. Perhaps the "Services" and "Collab History" tabs are technically webviews and that's messing with Easy Feedback? (Just a guess)

Anyways, I thought you'd want to know... Maybe it works better in newer versions of Unity, I'm nearing release so I'm scared to update at this moment :)

Thanks for the great software Noah!


A very rough and buggy procedural quest generator. Collect the resources for the NPC!