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I can't even begin to express how much this exceeded my expectations! I loved it! 

Each and every route was an absolute delight to play. And I some how managed to get all the good endings! I am purposefully avoiding the bad endings (my little hear can't stand to see any of the boys hurt) God am I attached to each of them.

This is exactly the type of dating sim visual novel I want to play as an adult. Its mature, talks about deep things, and is super realistic. Thank you so much to the creators who made Blooming Panic <3

*It would be super cool if there was a June or BigLady route. oh how my women loving heart would sing!*

Super cute game! The hog is my favorite character!

Wow just wow, I haven't played a game that genuinely had me smiling like the absolute soft girl that I am for the entire base storyline. 

I related heavily to the progression of change and growth the characters went through every summer and I guess finding myself in a position like that now in real life made me feel all the feels. 

To the game developers and everyone who contributed to the game, thank you sincerly. You captured what it feels like to be a kid and in an instant and adult wonderfully. I look forward to Step 4 and future DLC's!

I was in no way expecting to enjoy this nearly as much as I did. At first I thought it would be a normal dating sim that I'd get bored of after 15 min with too much pointless dialogue and vapid characters. But no, I've played all the endings and my god it was funny, engaging, and entertaining. Overall wonderful game!

I wanted to cry after playing throught this game. Its beautiful and refreashing and engaging and just amazing. Thank you so much for creating, what in my eyes is, an amazing work of art.