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This little elf was creepy to me... He didn't scare me as Santy did, but I love this game and MTP GAMES I will be looking forward to playing more of your games...

Dope game!!! but Gingerdead didn't scare me, now I'll dump him in some milk and eat him for dessert... PAUSE!!!!

Santy scared the living mess out of me!! Nice game KULU, keep the good work and I'm going to check out more of your games.

Two games of David Mills that I've to play for this Scary Sunday Games because I wanted to Coyote finally getting the ROAD RUNNER!!!!

DAVID MILLS did it again, I'd to played two of his game for these scary Sunday gameplays because I love his games... and more gameplays coming sooon....

This game was great and short congrats to David Mills

Great game, and even though it was short, it was still creepy that's why, I play more than one game in cased one of the is short, but this one tricked me, I thought it wasn't scary but it fooled me great work Gemezl for scary me. 

Ronald McDonald didnt want to give me the big mac formula so I had to take it and this creepy scary suspense game. Shoutout to RightarDev for this one. 

Hands down the most creepiest game, I've every played. 

Shoutout to Zed_Technician this game was short and creepy the first time playing it and I'm looking forward to playing the 2nd one.

Great short creepy game Gone_North wishes it was longer but it was still great to play this suspense short supernatural game I'll play more of your games in 3 scary games or more.       

It's a great game it scared the crap out of me RightarDev did their thing with this one, any other game you have I will check it out. 

I had to play part 2 of Lachlan Shelton good short game wish it was longer and I told you any new games you've I'm going to check it out. 3 Scary games or more every Sunday. 


I had played three games for my Terrifying Sunday and saved the best for last because this one right here scared the living crap of me... good work for giving me a scare Yasha.... 8:30Pm I swear you gone laugh...

This game scared the living heck out of me with that Jumpscares... Gemezl good work for giving me a scare on Terrifying Sunday....

This game right here was funny and hilarious Mooshie was hitting that Hotling Bling Lachlan Shelton this was outstanding short horror game play that scare me and made me laugh.... video start at 8:30pm every Sunday..

Nice game, short and scary I love it and the music was fire, where y'all got the music from hell lol love it I had to play 4 horror games because most of em was short. Mozzziedev good work...

this game creep me the crap out... great work Elliott and I'll love to see more of your works...

CRABS with crazy on here I'd to play 4 games in this one right here scared me to Jack n Box.. Great game and good work Dosevz, I love to play more games of yours. 

This game scared the living crap out of me shoutout to theMeatly, any games you make hit me up I'll play it and upload the scare and fear in the people eyes. This game right here was Terrific and good.


This Game right here phenomenal Deadlycrow Games work keep up the good N Yes PANDY is ok 


I played two games play I see monsters and My Friendly Neighorhood and I want to say El Patron Games this game scared the living crap out of me hit me up if y'all have new games developed and made so I can played them...

This game right here is good and I love everything about shoutout to DreadXP let me know when the whole game is finish so I can play it full...

shoutout to Team Terrible for this outstanding game keep up the good work.

Shout out to tinybuild and Scythe Dev Team for this game and I love how it developed for a whole full game and i will be paying and playing the newer versions because I only played the demo and it was a good game anymore games y'all have for me just let me know 2 horror games....

I want to give a big shoutout to Mircowaves Games for this game and keep up the good work.....

Give a big shout out to TheThil for this short gameplay love the graphics and everything about this game that why I played two games out of one and TheTril if you have anymore games that you have creating by recommending me more of games....

Nice game

Shoutout to Dave Microwaves for developing these two games that I love Courage's Curse & 6 Am at the Chum Bucket I want to say keep up the good work love the game hit me up if there are any new games that you would love for me to try....

Another gameplay of Dark Deception chapter 2 eps. 1. Aye glowstick entertainment I was reaching out because at the end of the chapter when agatha stop you for leaving I wanted y'all to see it from the end and tell me is that a glitch and what I supposed to do I love the game but stuck on that part that why I uploaded this gameplay to tell yall what happen and what can I do to fix it.

Shout out to Abner for this great game I really enjoy every detail of the game any more games by Abner I'll checkout and played it on Youtube. I played two horror games in this vids!!!!!!

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Shoutout to David Mills for this game it was fantastic keep up the good work 

#2sCARY gAMES #Dark Deception #Skinwalker

Nice game keep up the good work Im not done playing it I kept failing chapter 1 miserably.