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No problem. Just glad its being used.

You could also "view frame source" in your browser and copy the HTML to a file on your PC. You'd have to remove the last script line after the closing HTML tag that redirects to Tested it and it works.

Thanks for the feedback. It's a pretty rough-and-ready utility but it does the job!

Thanks. Wasn't sure how the whole line-based graphics thing would look on Pico-8's low resolution but really pleased how it turned out. Thanks for the feedback. 

This is spot on. Ran into exactly the same limitations and resorted to string and tile map encoding for my Boulder Dash demake, "Boulder Run" since there were so many levels to map.

I actually found it quite relaxing at the end of each coding session to go through the code I'd written and refactor it to get the token could down a little.

Was it worth it? of course :)