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Thank you for your feedback. Unfortunately the development was stopped, and now I'm working with a team on a game with much higher potential. 

I'm sorry I couldn't develop this anymore. I also think the game had potential. 

Have a great day!

You can mine anything but the black dungeon rock by right clicking. There is a fighting and a building mode switchable with TAB. 

You don't need any tools for crafting, I must have messed the recipe up somehow. Anyway, in this version you can give yourself items in the top right corner with open inventory, I will post recipes and item ids in case you want to explore a little.

Craftable items:

All items in game(apart from block that can't be put into inventory). If you want to add some to your inventory, the ids are:  column number*1000+element number, so Double wooden dagger is 0, Cloth shirt is 1001..

Thanks very much for the feedback!