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Awww this was such a great and emotional experience. This was so cute and well done.

It's all good now, having a look through the Spells I really like em.

How di I download the Collection? There is nothing here where I could download it from.

This game looks super promising and I think I will absolutely buy it, but I just had one spoiler related question. It's great that you included the Cannibalism warning but is there a way to avoid that part and still interact with Bastard?

This is such a cute game, I would absolutely love to get that "Bass date". It would be so great if you continued this project or the story at least, he is such a sweetheart.

Does someone know wehere and what that present is that papa noel says is on your pc?

thank you, looking forward to the full release then.

Hey this game is really great and I was super happy when I saw that the last update just happened. Currently I am trying t get everyones gallery full, but I have one problem with Fuco and Sunflower, I don't know how to unlock Sunflowers final scene and for Fuco (BEWARE SPOILERS)

I just can't get the right amount of paint, any tips?

Is there currently something we can do with Ste besides fixing the gloryhole?

This Game looks absolutely adorable.

Man I really love this game, but can anyone help me find the scene for the main character Andrew herman?

ahh thank you for the reply. I kind off found that out already, but I had this weird problem of my defence skyrocketing after every attack until they couldn't attack me anymore

Does somebody know when we can get ambushed by bandits in our home? Are there any things I need to do first?

The Game looks so great with the new update. Big Congrats to you Hyao.

I do have a question though, the april fools event was pretty hot, but is it repeatable? If so how?

Dieses Spiel sieht ja herrlich geil aus, werde ich auf jedenfall spielen

Thank you so much for the very quick reply. It is really weird, especially since other pornographic games are free to be bought on steam. I will be looking forward to that version though.

Hey I was really looking forward to playing this game, but for some reason I can't purchase it in my country Germany. Why is that?

I don't know if this okays to ask but what do I have to do to fuxk Anthony, I did it once but completely forgot?

Thanks for answering.

Is it possible to get past the Janitor? I think I have tried everything at this point.