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Paco Cu

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If you have an android device you can download it there and it should work fine :)

Hello! I'm sorry I hadn't seen that before, I had trouble making a production build so I made a development build, that could be the problem

Really cool game :D

Very creative concept! I've never seen a game like this before :)


Thanks for playing and very nice score!! 

Thanks a lot :)

Thanks for playing! :D

It made me laugh a lot, I couldn't save my relationship I only got +4, apparently my emotional intelligence is not that good

Nice game! I couldn't finish the track but I think I got pretty far after a lot of tries :)

I liked it! My high score is 6231 :)

Cool game! I really liked the art, I feel like I'm inside Tron :)

Nice concept :) I completed 1 - 5 levels, at lvl 6 it was kind of hard to land that jump

Really cool game, I made it to 180 :)

Your games are awesome, I would love to see this at the playstore or somewhere :)

I really liked the art, and the game mechanics have a lot of potential, this could be turned into a whole platformer game :)

Thanks! Yes I will upload it :D and sure I will give it a check

Cool! I really like your pixel art 

Thanks! It is made for mobile, there is the download button for android devices :)

Thanks! :D

Thank you for your comment! I tried so much to make it well balanced :)

Thanks for playing! And yes, I guess it's not possible without the machine at max level