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Paco Barba

A member registered May 18, 2020

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Interesting proposal, I have enjoyed seeing how the game was changing, the only downside is that I expected something strong for the end, but I liked it. I have loved the Voyager references, Carl Sagan would be happy to see it.

Great game, I had a good time dealing punches. I leave my little gameplay.

Gran juego. Ha conseguido ponerme de los nervios. Lo volveré a jugar más adelante cuando pueda. Dejo mi pequeño gameplay.

Hi. Leave my little gameplay.
I liked the atmosphere of the game and the bad vibes that the enemies give

Good game. I love the concept of linking the machine to the real world. It can be a great game with a little pampering. I leave my little gameplay.

Excelente juego para cuando tienes un rato muerto que no sabes que hacer (¿Quien ha dicho cagando?). Mas mimo no se le puede poner a un juego.

Dejo mi análisis y gameplay.

A #game that has greatly reminded me of the first #Alone in the #Dark, which by the way was the first game that managed to give me a bad roll. I have been wanting to see what is behind the door.

An interesting horror game, I have really been wanting to see what is there when you open that door and the rest of the game.
Best of luck with the Steam release.

A good game, I leave my little gameplay. I have missed some checkpoint to avoid having to go through everything again but artistically I liked it a lot.

First of all say that it is a great game. At the beginning the difficulty was a bit high but precisely that makes you want to continue playing although it is frustrating sometimes. I leave my gameplay in which I die countless times. : D

Finally I found a major bug with the first boss. I have it saved on video. Where can I send it to you?

I was expecting a different shooter but I have come across a hardcore party full of kicks. I found the game great and different.

I love puzzle and horror games. I think that wanting to have too much graphic quality has sacrificed the atmosphere that is needed to get into the game. To be in the alpha phase is amazing and it shows in the work behind it. I have not managed to get past the area where you have to shoot safely.

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A crazy game, it may seem like a bad game visually but quite the opposite. It has managed to hook me from the beginning and as you progress and you get more things you want to continue playing. 

I just missed a little visual feedback on the player when taking damage. I really enjoyed it and will play again.
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I liked the Pixel Art style and the lighting that is done on the characters. He has just enough difficulty pulling his hair but it is not possible. I will play it more calmly again. As an improvement I would make the floor slip a little less. I leave my gameplay.

I did not expect the imnersion that this game has achieved despite looking simple. I've had a couple of real scares.

Visually it is amazing, I have only missed some immersion in the game. For example, the pause to show on the screen every time you pick up an object or things like that. Otherwise, a great game. I have had a small bug when changing the quality in options losing control of the mouse.

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Me ha encantado el estilo pixel art del juego y el cuidado de los detalles. También me ha puesto de los nervios con la dificultad. Muy buen juego!

Ya me gustaría que mi primer juego hubiera sido así.

Impressive, I played because it looked good in the visuals. But at the gameplay level it is great, highly addictive.

Very good atmosphere and the music totally dislodges. Great game. Leave my little gameplay.

Very good game, I could feel the essence of Doom, not so much that of Zelda. Personally, I would make a small modification so that it is not so frustrating that a board falls and you can no longer pass the level. I leave my gameplay where I almost reached the end.

Very good game. Maybe a little more difficulty would have been fine since I've only died a couple of times and I'm very bad. I liked it a lot. I leave my little gameplay.

Hi. Leave my little gameplay. This game is too hard to me. :D

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My little gameplay has made me short but it looks very good.

Great game, toooo weird.

Leame my little gameplay. The atmosphere of the game is very successful, I would only put as an improvement to remove some particles and review the final scene that is less scary than the rest of the game.

Anyway, the game has kept me in tension until the end.

Hi. This house remember other game ...

Leave my little gameplay

Nice game. All runs smoothly and it's addictive. Leave my little gameplay.

Finally, I was able to test the remaining 10 minigames. Rare is to say little but interesting are all.

Leave my little gameplay of this game. Is scary and detailed. I like it and i like more.

Hi. I leave my little gameplay of the first 10 minigames. I have to play the next 10. An interesting experience.

The atmosphere of the game is good, the first scare although totally free is worth it, but you have to finish the games before publishing them or at least notify them. :D

Good game, I haven't been able to fully enjoy it because it failed me when I got into the elevator, but I plan to play it again. Good luck.

Great game! 

It gave me a couple of really good scares. A little more light would have done the game very well.

I leave my full gameplay of the game. Highly recommended. He's managed to get me into the game and give me some really good scares.

I have tried to complete the game, but I have not succeeded, I think ... I had to leave something behind.

I leave my little gameplay.

I really liked the ambientation, the music and the stereo sound effects. The experience has made me very short but it looks very good. I only had problems with the mouse when I stopped looking at the door.

Greetings and good luck with the game.

I put down my little gameplay, congratulations on the game and I hope it comes out soon.

I have only detected a problem on the first screen of the metal balls as you can see in the gameplay, otherwise everything looks very good and I hope you have a great launch.

Good game, but the clown chases you whatever you do and it is impossible to enjoy and discover things.

Excellent game and very successful for switch. I leave my little gameplay breaking my head to pass the level.

I leave my little gameplay. It is a good game and it starts very well but some things still need to be fixed, such as how to move objects, it was so difficult for me that I forgot my fear. When you get a new update I will be happy to try it again.