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Don't worry, you are not bugging. It's just that we are now attending the GDC and it's a bit hard to give a fast response, sorry for the wait.

I just uploaded a Mac version, try it (we are not completely sure if it works since we don't have macs)


Hola! Thanks for your interest in Shadow Brawlers and sorry for the inconvenience.

I just noticed we forgot to upload the downloadable version. I just did it, please, try that one and tell me if it works.

Hasta luego!

Very educational

The "nw" file inside the folder should be executed if I'm not wrong.

It is a bit cryptic, sorry.

Thanks for the tip:

¿Can I ask you what version have you downloaded?

Also: sorry for not being more clear before, thanks for your keep trying. We just made an update, although I can't really assure you it will work on the downloadable version.



¿Can you please elaborate?

Hola de nuevo, sorry for the radio silence, your comments are no bother at all : D.

We just made an update, you can try this version. Although , I'm not sure if it will work since I am unsure of what issue might be producing the bug affecting you.

I updated the downloadable versions, try those, they should work with no problem

Mmmh, that IS strange.

Well, you might try two things : Try loading the page with incognito mode, or try reloading using CTRL+SHIFT+F5

Sorry for being unable to fix the problem right now, and, thanks for your patience.

Alternatively you can try the newgrounds version, but it doesn't have fullscreen, and it might have the same issue.


We are glad you like the game! Thanks for reporting the bug, we are going to hunt for it next time we have the chance.


Thanks for your encouraging! Sorry for not providing a way to being play without a gamepad.

Online mode is something that we choose to avoid because we don't have the time and resources right now to commit to. But we used to have a mode in the prototype version where two players could play with one keyboard by removing the "block" and "dash" moves. We could add that option next time we have the chance.


Sorry to tell you, the game only has local multiplayer. You will need at least one joystick and other humans to play Versus.