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nah my dude

Once we turn our games in, are we allowed to update them before the voting date?

Oh god i'm sorry I just realized I wasn't dashing, this is my first time playing a game made in this engine so I didn't know you could do that.

I love this game! But I came across a problem when I was trying to run from "Mother" in the end. It took too long to turn, so I couldn't walk around the lamp post by the fence fast enough to get away. I've been trying to figure out this part for 15 minutes now, so i'm kind of stuck.

Thank you! And no problem, my dude.

i really like the game and the background art so i decided to do a fanart speedpaint bc why not. its kinda bad but i did it in under an hour

hell yeah

I honestly don't know how this doesn't have a stronger fandom. This game is nnNOICe and i'm just playing it for the second time.