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When I go to launch the game, the cmd pops up, and a window that just shows the game engine. I hear music. But I'm not able to do anything else.

Fix the mouse please. Sensitivity is automatically set to 0 and when I turn it up I struggle to look vertically.

Yes. I have the most recent version...

Needs a lot of work. First off, volume needs to be adjusted. I had it almost all the way up and when I got caught, the noise legitimately hurt my ears and I threw my headphones off of my head. Second, the static just seems too instant. Have a little more of a subtle fade in the longer you stare at him. Those are my only to problems. Other than that, it's fine.

Download it from the website.

It's only gam. Y u hav to b mad?

Does anyone else have issues with pressing e and c? I have press them multiple times to get them to work.

Yeah, I watched it and theirs were fine. I noticed it slowed down but mine goes to a crawl.

Ryzen 5 3600

EVGA RTX 2070ti

64gb RAM

2tb HDD

My specs have never really caused any problems but I'm not sure.

So I downloaded 1.3. I get stuck at the stairs. I can sprint for a good bit, but when the breathing starts, I just barely lets me move at a snails pace. I even tried running it as admin and the same thing happened.

Watch The Mandela Catalogue. You'll understand everything after watching it. ;)

Holy hell. I've been waiting for someone to make a game of this specific genre. This was extremely well done. I swear it's been a while since a game made me feel this uncomfortable in my own home.

Nice! Everything was pretty tame for the most part. Then the twist hit and I had about 2 whole minutes of silence where I was taken back by the element of un-expectation. Great job! Here's my no commentary gameplay vid.

I enjoyed this quite a bit. I like the style a lot, too. The jumpscares were subtle and effective. Really well done!

Honestly, this is an interesting concept, but it needs a lot of work and polish. Mouse sensitivity is far too low. I would suggest giving the player gameplay options or up the sensitivity significantly.

I love games like this! The sound design was very well done, as it should be. Art style is my favorite, I can't get enough of it. I just wish there was more. I know it says "demo", but I feel like that's just for added affect. However, if not, I would still love to see more of this or something similar. Just as good as your past games if not, even better.

 Very obscure and eerie. Perfectly executed!

Damn, it's been a while since a game made me feel actual fear. I screamed when the girl popped up over my shoulder. The atmosphere was great, scares were great, the enemy was awesome, and the sound was perfect. Loved every second of this. Can't wait to see more from you! 

This was great! I got a "Signs" vibe from it. I loved hearing the creaks behind me. They legitimately felt real.

I'm definitely playing this when the full version releases.

I like the ambiance, mechanics, style, and overall vibe of this. Pacing was good. And it has a good eerie undertone. I just wish there was at least a subtle threat. All-in-all, I still loved it. Hope to see more from you! 

Not too bad. I do kind of wish it was a little more dense with tone and had a little more atmosphere. But all in all, it was pretty solid. Caught me off guard too.

It's all good. I still absolutely loved this game. It was just a little disappointing that I had to replace a portion of my videos audio. Thank you for responding, though! :)

This is definitely not what I expected. I was expecting something creepy... but I was sorely mistaken. Heavy emotional trip. My only complaint is that towards the end, there's some beautiful music that plays. When I uploaded my video on this, I had to replace that section of the video due to a copyright claim. Other than that, fantastic game. Had me tearing up pretty aggressively by the end.

Everything about this was great. The art style, the music,  the atmosphere, it just works so well together.  Can't wait to see more!

This was very surprising. I was expecting something generic but I was proven very wrong. While there is a slight amount of predictability, it was still very well thought out. It has great mechanics, lovely art style, and a great atmosphere. Can't wait to see more!

Sorry I waited so long before posting a review. lol. This is great. I love the subtlety  of the figure that occasionally appears. And I also of course love the style and the very unique controls and mechanics. Hope to see more from you!


I enjoyed this. The progression of corruption was really nice. Really enjoying your style.

Where's the dowload button??

Kind of misleading by stating that it's a psychological horror game. If you expand on this after the jam I'd be happy to check it out again as it looks very promising. Atmosphere is pretty good. Mechanics are great. Scares were subtle and overall it had the horror elements that I like. Not too bad.

This was pretty good. I got a little bit of Puppet Combo vibes from this. But this was great nonetheless. I got the feeling of dread I was hoping for. Also, the 80's synth music was utilized perfectly! Amazing work.

This was so great. Everything from the atmosphere to the utter fear of the environment was breathtaking. I cannot wait to see more from you, Jonny. 9/10

I wasn't expecting to hate that this ended. It was Incredible. I loved using the Arcade machine to bring keys to the player and grant access to certain areas. This was creative, intuitive, and very unsettling. Hope to see more from you.

I was pleasantly   surprised   by this game. I wasn't expecting it to be a PT styled game that actually serves a purpose. 


Bro the mouse sensitivity is unreasonably low.

I can't kill the dead guy. I shot at him multiple times but he's not dying.

Press the download button.

Bro, ever since I saw the initial trailer for this, I've been pumped. As soon as I saw it, I bought it. This game was everything I wanted it to be. I'm glad it didn't go down a rabbit hole of insanity. It kept everything realistic (Somewhat) and down to earth. The story holds up and there doesn't seem to be any plot holes from what I can tell. I really liked Harmful and I really love Harmful The Second Tape. Fantastic work and I can't wait to see more from you! Cheers!

Holy hell, dude. I don't know what's more terrifying, the game itself, or the fact that you made it in such a short time. The sound was tearing me up. I have decent headphones, so I could hear everything. The buildup was amazing and I just wasn't expecting what I saw. Great job, dude. I can't wait to see your future creations!

Is there going to be a full release?

So I didn't read the description before playing so I didn't know it was inspired by TBWP. It's crazy because just a couple of days prior to recording this, I had watched TBWP since it had been a while since my first viewing on the film. Either way, this was fantastic and hopefully you can expand on this. This short game alone was better than the actual Blair Witch game we got.