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Hi João,

If you plan release your game before Godot 4.0, maybe you can fix some of this hickups. Check this video: 

I had the same issues with my game, and this helped a bit.

The art is very good.

Regarding gameplay there are some things that i did not like so much:

 - I find annoying that when we take hit the plane stops in the air. I would prefer to have check points and keep the velocity in that check point

 - I would make the power ups bigger. All of them.

 - I would make the minimal velocity higher.

The sounds are ok, but they seems to have poor quality.

The first time the game runs, i had several screen freezes. Specially in the beggining of the level. I restarted the Game, and is it was better, but I still had some screen freezes. I run the game in Ubuntu.

But overall, it was a good experience :)

Keep the good work

After almost a full day trying to solve this problem using a ton of different combinations of code ... You finally give the right anwer. Thank You very much !!!