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I just downloaded the new voiced update, but I can't seem to start the game. I still kept the older version on my computer just in case, do you think that has anything to do with it?

You can skip days by selecting your bed at night. If you want to get the best endings (and the cheats) make sure you spend a lot of time with the guys on weekdays and you should receive the choice that will decide if you get the bad ending or the best ending (it's usually pretty obvious which choice will lead to which ending). Hope this helps!

This happened to me too!

Thank you! I think I got it! :)

I am going to get a new laptop soon and I was wondering if there was a way to transfer my Seiyuu Danshi save files. It won't go on the USB, is there anything else I can do?

You just need to wait. They will sort it out during the fireworks festival (or after if you don't go). Your patience will be worth it in the end! :P

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I'm not saying Hikaru doesn't make a better uke! I honestly think he is best boy, but Shiba's pretty cute too! Ukekaru for life!^_^ <3

You need to have gotten Tocchan's best ending to unlock the 'cheat' that makes the secret characters (Kaede and Kei) appear.

Due to an error, the requirements for the topping/bottoming CGs got reversed. Try bottoming for him during the first date. The next update should fix the issue. Shiba definitely makes a cute uke!

In addition to those two methods, there is also one other way to increase affection. After the summer holidays are over, you can talk to the old man at the mansion and spend time with him. This is the only way to increase affection for free.

You need to get a perfect score on the Last Fantasy audition. The erohero audition/recording will automatically happen a few days after.

Traits can be gotten either through eating at the restaurant or buying books from the bookstore. To get the cute trait buy the book and make sure you read it from the shelf at night. You cannot get a trait from the books if you do not read them (it can be very easy to forget).

Wear casual clothes on dates with him, don't get a pet if you want as many of the CG's as you can get and when he asks make sure you support his decision (you will know what I am talking about when you get there).  Also, since you won't be able to see him very often at the beginning of his route, make sure you use this spare time to raise your personality and VA stats!

Hope this helps!

Thank you!!! I definitely don't want best mom Tocchan to be depressed!!!

I am on Tocchan's route and have come to the all important choice. Should I tell him to do what he wants or what feels right to him?

You need to wait until the fireworks festival. After that, you will be able to sleep with him to your hearts desire!

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@Silenthunter: The scene will only activate if the love interest currently prefers topping. All you have to do is buy the vibrator and the scene will happen automatically the next time you take the guy to the love hotel. Also don't worry too much about whether or not to use the toys, the guys preferences are completely unaffected by them. 

Preference is solely decided by whether Haato starts the sex (this decides dominancy or lack thereoff) and what position Haato chooses when he does initiate it (decides if they prefer topping or bottoming), though it may take several attempts to get the guy to develop the preference you want and it gets harder to change as time goes on. Hope this helps!

Just keep spending time with him in all three of his hangouts (the VA school, office and the park) and eventually you will get more events with him that will fill up the star bar. It's simply a matter of filling up his heart gauge and being patient.

Thanks! I really can't get enough of this cutie, he is just hands down my favorite! (though Shuu is a close second...)

I'm currently on Hikaru's route (My fave!!!) and I am now trying to get one of his CGs. It is on the top right on the second page in the gallery. Please help me enjoy more of this adorable tsundere!

You can only get it if you are currently dating him and don't have a pet yourself.  Just keep spending time with him at the restaurant on weekdays and it should happen.

I struggled a bit with filling Hikaru's star meter myself at first. Make sure you pay the guard at the tv station so that you can see Hikaru there as well, overwise you won't be able to see all his scenes and get into a relationship. If money is a problem, you can get your bribe money back starting may by talking to the guard at the cinema and doing his quest after you have gained access to the tv station.

Hope this helps!

His reaction to the game console was the same as his reaction to every other item. This might actually be a glitch.

It's Christmas and I'm trying to figure out what the best present for Toru is. Would it be possible for someone to give a list of best xmas presents for each guy? Thank you in advance!

It doesn't even need to be the all in one pc. The cheaper ones will do the job just as well!

If you continue the foreplay instead of using the make love button to initiate the sexytimes and use dirtytalk aimed at dominant partners, he'll eventually come around. It may take a while for him to fully change his preference though.

Hey, I'm just starting Toru's route and wanted to know if there were any CGs that might be difficult to find and how to get them.

I haven't gotten all of them drunk myself, but as far as I can tell you just get a fun scene with them but don't sleep with them.

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You can ask the fudanshi in the park after you start dating one of the boys. That man is a true bro...

Oh, I got it now! Thank you! The kitty costume had nothing to do with it like I originally thought, it's from a spending time event! The world must know Shiba in his true canine form! :)

Nope, it doesn't seem to be appearing. :(

I didn't see it either, though the birthday scene does seem to have been altered quite a bit from the demo in that they celebrate at the VA school instead of kawaii doggie's apartment. Shiba certainly is a really good boy who makes me laugh quite a lot!

On cute doggo's route and trying to get the CG of him in the dog outfit. I'm not sure how to get it, though the MC did mention planning to get the outfit when I had Shiba put on the cat costume. Is there anything else I need to do?

They won't go all the way until the fireworks festival as they will argue over who will be top. 

Try to be patient with our precious tsundere!

Thank you!!! Time to put this reward to good use...

I can't activate the sidequest that the guard gives you even though I have already payed him. Is it a bug or am I doing something wrong?

P.S. Just finished Shuu's route and I noticed that occasionally I would get stuck on the text boxes during foreplay mode no matter how much I clicked (especially during our first time).

P.S.S. I love this game. It is art. Cute and sexy art.