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Glad you liked the concept! A good tip - I'll keep it in mind for next time, thanks!

The flames should be able to die with three hits, may be some odd collisions or some misplaced clicks. I'm glad you enjoyed it, especially the animations. I cranked those out a few hours before the deadline and I was really happy with how the robots' animations turned out - those are my favorite too!

I actually never thought about leaving traps, I assume you dropped some nails at the bottom of a pit and had the enemies chase you into it - that's a great idea! It's really cool to see people using a mechanic I thought of in a way I never intended, nice going. Glad you got some fun out of the submissions.

Hey, super interesting submission. I really like the children's story book vibe! Some notes:

Good Aspects;

Cool concept, fun story to follow along with

Enemy types evolved with the story

Solid difficulty levels throughout

Aspects to Work On:

The sound effects, particularly for shooting, get grating after a while because it's the exact same sound.  A good practice is to set the sound to pitch slightly up or down randomly each shot, to give the sound more variety.

The ghost characters were a bit jarring. They popped out and immediately damaged you with no warning, might be good to give them a bit of a warmup before they attack.

Some Brainstorms for New Aspects:

Since you needed to reach the end of the page before the level could start,  it disconnected the story from the action. It could be interesting to draw the text during the fight, and leave some sort of enemy hint or clue to finish a level in the text, so a player is encouraged to read while fighting, taking advantage of the little amount of text on the screen at any one time.

Some more animations could be a welcome addition. Most characters only had one perspective drawn to them, and only one animation - walking. Some new animations, even if they're a  bit crude and only involve a few moving pixels, could go a long way.

All in all, a super interesting submission! Thanks for your feedback on my project as well, good luck in your future developments!

Glad you think so, I really like the idea of not having a double jump/massive ground jump, and only be able to really move around a level with platforms that you create. Thanks for the feedback!

Thanks! I thought it would be a cool mechanic to make your own platforms as the only way to get around.  I'll give yours a look!