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Don't think there is one

The first chapter is finally completed and OMG ITS SOO GOOD

It's naughty but so wholesome, got me feeling all warm and giggly >w<

I love the dynamic qwq

So true

Pros: Saul

Cons: boiled or fried

Overall rating: Saul/saul

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The last build I played was build 7.2, and since I didn't had time I have been putting off the game for a while and
because of the 'after story part' I wanted to check out that part in build 8 instead of skipping to build 9. But there are no way to download that version?

The devlog posts download button just forward me to the main page instead

Been waiting for almost two years now but also still waiting :')

Yo let's go

Aw heck yea an update! 

Can't wait to play it later :3

Nice addition 

Also kinda perfect timing as it's nearing December again lol

Really nice short-ish game

Loved all the characters

The demo is finally here, looking forward to this

Someone did tho

Nice, it was fun to play. Too bad the ufo couldn't escaped with the artifact though lol

So I tried killing my birds since I was getting bored, but apparently when two birds die too fast the back up birds won't get picked as the main bird so the game will just run indefinitely with the back up birds being invincible. Also the squirrels just flies off screen without the main bird. 

Looking forward to what is in next

Looking forward to the story

Omg i didn't saw this coming.  A threequel? Let's gooooo

Aw yeah a sequel!

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This might be too late but this should help you

I haven't tried it but I think it can help with the gms file

Sometimes things glitched out like the Llama and the enemies. Not very often but it happens. And when I quit the game it says that the game got some problems and it needs to shut down and it did, even though there's nothing that's actually broken but you might want to keep that in mind.

Also if we can pet or hug the llama that would be cool, they are cute ;3

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Looking forward to see the art.

they are cute af