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Really blindsided by how effectively the demo spooked me. Really curious to see where this goes.

Looks rad. Excited to to check this one out ... again ... for the first time!

Just played this one, and I'm blown away. This looks and FEELS, just oozing style, like the kind of PS1 game I would have daydreamed about after seeing some screenshots in a PSM preview or something. It took me a moment to realize that the puzzles/problems here wanted me to really consider my inventory and how to use it. I'm thrilled there's going to be more.

This SuccessValidation is fantastic! There's a compelling unfolding of both the mechanisms of play and visual aesthetic, white-knuckle-precision flip-attacks, a bangin' soundtrack, and many intriguing cube entities to encounter.

Cubic Mile community · Created a new topic HYPE!

Can't wait to get in on this exciting new technology that is in no way hazardous and/or dangerous LOL!

This looks so absurdly cool and like an absolute must-play. Inspired (and reminding me of too many cool things to name) and definitely its own thing at the same time. "Serial Experiments: L  i  N  K" vibes :)

The breadth and depth of Legends to build and possible stories to explore kept me coming back. Well, that and the Birthday Suit, of course.