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Phil Harland

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Such a nice game, I should have been working... but this took over! Lovely Sfx too!

Definitely. Have voted for yours! Go check mine out too (and a vote if u want)!

Agree entirely, VERY nice looking game but lack of directions for players!

Very nice visuals and sound, and interesting overall, however I couldn't work out the controls, I found "I" for inventory but couldn't work out how to pickup anything or do anything more!

Very artistic overall but needs more instructions on what to do! :o) 8/10

A rabbit? I missed that!

Stunning visual scenery, it beats mine.... just :o)

Very good use of lighting, fog, and the river as a barrier.... Only one problem I could see, NO INSTRUCTIONS on keys.... I found "I" for inventory, and Space for Jump, Shift for Sprint etc, but couldn't work out what I was supposed to use to pick anything up, or examine anything!

Also what was I supposed to be finding?

Overally a VERY interesting game, let down only by the lack of instructions and I had no idea what the key controls were!

Much improved version with darker lighting/and lots of point/spot/directional lights, and some bug fixes / improved rifle targetting will be online from around 8pm Sat 16th April 2022.

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Lighting in start scene, and scene 3 now done, just waiting on a lengthy light bake... Will be on Sat afternoon sometime.

Now done, and added timed return to main menu when game over.

Nicely thought out game, with great visuals and effects! Well done!

Should all be relatively working now, apart from lighting in one scene is still too light! Hey ho!



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Great thankyou, should have a build ready in next half hour or so!!!!

Build done now and in!

Thanks!!!!!! :o)

Great game, smelly underpants in the fridge lol

Been a bit busy lately, looking for 'proper jobs" so haven't done any updates yet to ZH, will get some done sooner rather than later! Watch this space! 

Had a few weeks off after 3 months of 60-70 hr weeks, starting on next mods to Zombie Hunter from next week, hopefully another build before Xmas (you lucky people)! 😁

Hi Juan, 

Thanks for your review, nice to get some feedback on what PLAYER's actually think! Very much appreciated!!!

In response, yes I agree, it needs improvement (it's my first and the theme changed completely as I wrote it!) , I have just been attending the Develop:Brighton Digital games event online, and picked up a few cool ideas, some of which I intend to add to my game (although these will likely due to their scale take about 3-6 months as time allows!)

I didn't want night mode to be a default, had thought about that, was thinking of maybe doing something similar to Fallout 4, and have time progress and the sky darkening (easy enough to do) and then progressing into night, or vice versa, over time during play!

Also after watching the online event I mentioned, it made me realise how much I don't know! Funny that! I always thought I was ok! :o)

Yes, it is a little large, I'm happy with the MAIN area of the city, the platform off to the side were added as future expansion, maybe I'll block these off to restrict play to main area until I do something more substantial, also, I wasn't happy with the overall idea, I need to think of an objective for the game, not just shooting zombies!

The flames are just standard unity particle effects I used, something I could look into as I know more, but for now will have to do.... or maybe I'll look to change them! :o)

Anyway, thanks for the 3 star rating, maybe when I change it, it might get more! ;o)

"I liked the fire particles and sound effects used. I also liked the night mode and think that should be the default and only available mode. The game is pretty good for a first but needs major improvement to be a viable game. Some things I would love to see would be mouse control aiming and firing, tightening up the world and making it way smaller so there is less trivial movement and fixing the graphical bug of the flames passing through the player if I walk while firing. This can be done by increasing the speed of the flame particles and having them disperse instead of staying in place for the player to walk through."

Please note: Either due to the way Windows Zips files, or a secuirty feature built into the later Mac operating system versions, when trying to run the game, you first have to add the execute permission to the binary file downloaded, using chmod +x, and then IGNORE the security check!

Please see this link for more info on how this is done!

Hi all, V1.1.6 out now, improved audio playing, important messaging display system, and some UI changes! Enjoy! 😁

p.s. If playing on a Mac, you need a decent graphics card, 2mb plus I'd say as on old low spec Mac's some graphics DON'T render properly, and movement is S L O O O W!

New Version V1.1.5 sf now out! Lots of changes! :o)

V1.1.3 Now out! Hopefully Zombies are no longer as fast as Usain Bolt! ;o)

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Zombie Hunter V1.0

Hope you enjoy this game!

It was developed in just over 250 hours over the space of a little over a month as my personal project for the online "Create with Code Summer 2020" course run by Unity!

It is a "minimal working version", i.e. has the majority of the features I wanted, but still has work to do, like clipping into buildings etc, so be nice! :o)

Above all, enjoy it!