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The game should run on any Mame version with the appropriate configuration.
check out and file into Mame directory ./hash/neogeo.xml 
You'll need the section called 'ozzydemo' and paste it to your own configuration file.
(replacing the whole file should work aswell)

to run use command: mame64 neogeo -cart1 ozzydemo

I used to be also a c64 coder btw ^^ ->

Just got news that the game is running fine using retroArch.
Rom files just need to be renamed with .rom extension instead of .bin

U must have a problem with your input configuration with the emulator if this is the version you are testing on ?
have you also tried the PC version ? please check the readme.txt for controls/inputs.

i think it will take some time for emulators to support the game, meanwhile you can download a modified version of mame :

The only change with this version is the hash/file neogeo.xml  
which describes the rom properly.

Then use command:

mame neogeo ozzydemo

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Well, the game is already running on FBNeo (emulator used for FightCade as well) and as the neogeo rom is freely available for download i guess it's only a matter of time to be available on retroArch and others emulation platforms.

If you want more productions like this one, just support us!

Until this happens download whatever version available, play it, give us feedback and Have Fun! :))

to be released in 2022 of course :)

no prevision at all ^^  all the projects are done on my spare time.

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thank you for the support :) i guess u already said it all.. For serious business i also guess u will have to spend 190+ bucks on the 30th anniversary Deluxe package from Viccom ^^

Darksoft version will be posted when available.. stay tuned :)

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don't forget to take time to read the manual (pdt file) It contains all the move list !