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caught in a landslide, no escape from reality?

the rpgmaker one is horribly put together. the encounters have zero depth, you can beat them by spamming z, the visuals feel lazy, it feels against the ps1 aesthetic the games are meant to have, and on a technical level its held together with duct tape and you can refight the final boss of it by just moving around in the void and spamming z. i also hate the narrative of it all, but when the first game they're all based on has a shit story in a project like this its not the fault of the dev, they weren't given anything good to work with. i played the right half of the collection then uninstalled.

ga em is shit,

i did it no deaths first try

make b etter game

i would bet genuine money the person who made this game is exactly fifteen years old AND hates ska

CHAINSAW DANCE DEMO community · Created a new topic ska

shpuldver had aska

this is fucking gay


thius looks like DOOOKIE!!!!1!111111 >:)

my friend is brazilian and therefore poor please make more community copies i would really appreciate that i am sorry for rudely harassing you, please have a good day BBB)))

It's got an interesting gimmick, and is really fun until the melty skybox. I feel like at some point the power-ups make the game impossible to properly play, and I feel like they shouldn't get to that point and should always leave the game playable, just much more difficult. I enjoyed it good job Kotob haha smile :))))))))))))))))))))))