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hmm... I reconsidered about the big one. I think It would be better deal with skeletal animation. drawing 512px animation might be hard work. => I will make it my self, would not burden to you.

Thank you for your considering! but, if you still have interest I would not bother you.

oh! really? Big one : around 512px would be happy. / 

Smaller one : around 48px? I imagined smaller ones after death of slime king, summoned from its fragments. something reasonable size fit this condition?

If you have interest, please make it!

Thank you! I actually wanted more big one :) but, smaller one is also good.

Wow. how did you made it? vfx you made is really cool.

May I request a size of each sprite?

Thank you.

Thank you

Wowowowow Thank you

Wow Thank you.

Thank you.

Thank you.

can you make unique key design?

Really good.

Your art gave me inspiration :)


AI generated? wow~!

Wow I like it,

Thanks :)

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Oh, it can be helpful to me. How can I get it?
I've sent a message on your website to provide my email.
If you are possible, I hope to get screenshots on email.

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I want to see sample maps, but I'm not a user of RPG Maker.
What should I do in this case?

I like your art style :)

So cute

Yoooour Taaaaile Seeeeet is Soooooooo Cooooooooooooooooooool....


WOW>...< I Like IT!!

I think rings from column 16 to 32 should be shifted to right by 1 pixel.
thank you for great assets.

Wow Beautiful!

I think I've seen your masterpiece on dot gallery. :)

Thank you!!

Thank you!!

thank you!

thank you

thank you

Thank you

I like it thank you.

WOw... really good I think.


Wow! so cute!